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1. Because smart speakers can carry out multiple functions (such as tell a joke, play music, etc.) it is an example of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).


  • True
  • False

2. What are the key steps to a smart speaker function?


  • Trigger detection -> intent recognition -> speech recognition -> command execution.
  • Speech recognition → Trigger word detection -> intent recognition -> command execution.
  • Trigger word detection -> speech recognition -> intent recognition -> command execution.
  • Trigger word detection -> intent recognition -> speech recognition -> command execution.

3. Consider this system for building a self-driving car:

The component for pedestrian detection is usually built using:


  • Reinforcement learning
  • A motion planning algorithm
  • Supervised learning
  • GANs

4. Suppose you are building a trigger word detection system, and want to hire someone to build a system to map from Inputs A (audio clip) to Outputs B (whether the trigger word was said), using existing AI technology. Out of the list below, which of the following hires would be most suitable for writing this software?


  • AI Product Manager
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Machine learning researcher

5. What is the first step in the AI Transformation Playbook for helping your company become good at AI?


  • Build an in-house AI team
  • Execute pilot projects to gain momentum
  • Provide broad AI training
  • Develop an AI strategy

6. Of the following options, which is the most important trait of your first pilot project?


  • Succeed and show traction within 6-10 months
  • Drive extremely high value for the business
  • Be executed by an in-house team
  • None of the above

7. Say you are building a smart speaker, and want to accumulate data for your product through having many users. Which of these represents the “Virtuous circle of AI” for this product?

Answer: A  

8. Why is developing an AI strategy NOT the first step in the AI Transformation Playbook?


  • The strategy should be to use the Virtuous Circle of AI, which comes after building a product.
  • There is no reason. Developing an AI strategy IS the first step in the AI Transformation Playbook.
  • When transforming a company into an AI company, one does not need a strategy, therefore it can’t be the first step.
  • Without having some practical AI experience and knowing what it feels like to build an AI project, a company usually does not know enough to formulate a sound strategy.

9. According to the AI Transformation Playbook, broad AI training needs to be provided not only to engineers, but also to executives/senior business leaders and to leaders of divisions working on AI projects.


  • True
  • False

10. Which of the following are AI pitfalls to avoid? (Select all that apply)


  • Expecting AI to solve everything
  • Expecting traditional planning processes to apply without changes
  • Pairing engineering talent with business talent to identify feasible and valuable projects.
  • Expecting AI based projects to work the first time


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