Table of Contents

1. What kind of article do we accept on the website?

2. Benefits of Guest Posting

3. Article Guide/Rules:

4. How to send articles for publication?

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Want to submit a guest post on MixSaver? Our primary goal is to deliver our readers high-quality articles related to Latest Technologies and their Reviews, Blogging Tutorials, Word Press, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Coupons.

What kind of article do we accept on the website?

You can freely send us articles on any kind of topics we don’t compel you to write on a specific topic it is up to you and on your choice in which type of article you are interested. We accept and encourage all kinds of articles, but it should be original writing.

But what’s in it for you in sharing your valuable content on our website? Here are the benefits…

Benefits of Guest Posting

When it comes to guest posts on MixSaver, there are various benefits of writing for you that you can’t ignore. Sharing a single article with us means you’re sharing it with thousands of readers out there.

Further, at the same time, you will also get a high-quality backlink from our website, which helps you to get rank and in the Google SERP ranking and to grow your website.

NOTE: The article submitted by you doesn’t guarantee its publication in any way. We are highly accepting of original writing. Our content team will properly check the article submitted by you, and then only it will be marked for publication on our website.

Now let’s talk about the style you need to follow if you want to submit an article.

Article Guide/Rules:

  1. Article Title:

If you send us an article, keep in mind that the title should not be more than 70 characters.

  1. Article Category:

when you send us an article please mention the category of the article

  1. Length of article:

If you send the article to our website, please check that its length is at least 700 words(Words Counter) and should not be a fully advertised type. We allow you only one back-link in one article.

  1. Format of the article:

Please include the Post in the body of the email or a .docx or .txt file format.

  1. Keywords:

Important! "Please Send us 5 Longtail Keywords for your article if you can't send us keywords then don't expect to publish your article"

How to send articles for publication?

Note: "We Accept Guest Writing/Post Free of Cost We Don't charge for it"

If you have a post that meets the above guidelines, you can send it to us at email

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I send more than one article for Publication?  

Yes! You can send us more than one article for Publication but it should be original writing. We encourage you to send us articles as much as you can send.


  1. What kind of article (niche) MixSaver accept?

We accept all kinds of articles, we don’t force you to write on a specific topic it is up to you and up to your choice.


  1. Is longtail keyword is important to share with my article for Publication?

Yes! It is very important to send us 5 longtails keywords for your article because we want to reach your Post to the Right People. We don’t publish the article until we have not received the longtail keyword from your side. In longtail keyword matter we are very strict because we don’t want to waste your hardworking which you did in writing an article and the time which you spend on writing an article.


  1. Does MixSaver inform/notify me about my article after Publication?

Yes! We specifically inform each Person via email and send them a URL of their article.


  1. How much MixSaver is charge for one article Publication?

Mixsaver accepts free-of-cost articles. They don’t charge for articles.


Hint for Article Format:

If you send us an article so you can follow this format