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1. Terms and Conditions:

2. How to Join:

3. Why Join Mixsaver:

4. Product Promotion Opportunity:

Updated: 20 Oct 2021

Do you want to register your Brand on the Coupon Code website?

First of all, we appreciate your interest in Mixsaver.

We welcome you on affiliation with us. Every brand wants to boost up their sale, we feel happy when we are promoting your brand and increasing your sales. Our aim is to reach your products and coupons at the right time to the right people.


Terms and Conditions:

By joining our network you are agreed that you will keep a long-term relationship with us. if you expired a business relationship with us you may get banned forever from our Network and you will not be able to join our network in the future again.

We always want long-term business relationships and we give at least one opportunity to every brand. We are strict about the Business relationships because we spend a lot of time on product SEO and one who expire the business relationship with us that's really hurt us and they in vain all our work which we did for their product.

If you expired the relationship your product and brand picture will be shown on our website but we will only disable the Referral links from our website

We don't charge any cost for Affiliation. It’s totally free

We expect and like long-term business relationships with a brand

We do not decline the brand application and almost accept every big and small brand Affiliation request.

We DO NOT accept only those brands applications whose Services/Products mainly consist of



How to Join:

You can join us on Two Platform for Affiliation i.e:


  1. CJ Commission Junction:

CJ Affiliate is an online advertising company owned by Publicis Groupe operating in the affiliate marketing industry, which operates worldwide

For Joining Us Visit the Link Mixsaver on CJ


  1. Impact:

Impact Radius is an affiliate network platform, similar to Commission Junction or CJ

For Joining Us Visit the Impact Website and search us there by name Mixsaver and send us a request


Why Join Mixsaver:

  • It is Free to join
  • Long-term Business Relationship
  • High Application Joining Chances


Product Promotion Opportunity:

if your store or products are available on Amazon or AliExpress and want to promote them so you can freely contact us and we will pick your desired product and will promote it on our website freely without any cost. In this case, you will need to email us the product/Store link which is available on Amazon or AliExpress at or Contact us