Integrated Marketing Communications Advertising All Weeks

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Week- 1

Module 1 Graded Assessment


1. (Positive) differential effect of the brand name on consumer response to marketing actions is referred to as:


2. __________ is the consumers’ ability to identify the brand under different conditions, as reflected by their brand recognition or recall performance.

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3. The range of purchase and consumption situations where the brand comes to mind is considered as:


4. ________________ is the process of evaluating each consumer segment’s attractiveness and selecting one or more segments according to their attractiveness for the company.


5. __________ is the process of occupying a clear, distinctive, and desirable place in consumer’s minds relative to competing products.


6. Please state which of the below concepts describe how well a market offering fulfills customer needs.


7. ________________ means the degree to which a consumer consistently purchases the same brand within a specific product category.


8. Which of the following statements about brand loyalty is NOT correct?


9. Consumers exhibiting ___________ loyalty generally have one or more specific reasons for their purchase decisions and they can easily articulate these reasons.


10. ___________ loyalty is habitual. The consumer is loyal to the product not because of an emotional or rational involvement, but simply because of a routine that he or she has established.




Week- 2

Module 2 Graded Assessment


1. Please indicate which of the following is NOT one of the four steps of the Selective Processes Theory:


2. Please read the following definition:

People tend to seek out the viewpoints that they agree with.

Please indicate which step of the Selective Processes Theory, this definition corresponds to:


3. Which is the correct order of the steps of effective communications?

a. Design communications

b. Identify target audience

c. Decide on the media mix

d. Determine communications objective

e. Select channels

f. Measure results


4. Please indicate which of the following is NOT an external search source during the consumer decision making process:


5. Please indicate which of the following is NOT one of the dimensions of the FCB Grid:


AIDA stands for attention, ________, desire and _________.


7. The first step of hierarchy of needs in which the consumer learns to recognize the product or brand name is:


8. ___________ effect occurs at the point where the advertising or communication begins to affect consumer responses in a more positive direction and have greater incremental effect on sales.

Which is correct to fill in the blank?


9. Which method of setting an integrated marketing communications budget is based on the fallacy that communications cause sales?


10. ______________ budgeting is the allocation of marketing communications funds to match the competitor’s level of spending.

Which is correct to fill in the blank?




Week- 3

Module 3 Graded Assessment


1. The leverage point is the:


2. An advertising appeal is the:


3. Which message strategy is linked with reasoning and thinking processes?


4. Which message strategy is most linked with emotions?


5. Ads using an informative executional framework are best suited for:


6. Which conative message strategy is linked to impulse buys?


7. A hyperbole cognitive message strategy is a(n):


8. A negative comparison ad that causes people to dislike the sponsor brand may be due to:


9. Which type of executional framework seeks to convince buyers that a product is superior through using some type of expert or evidence?


10. When a product solves a daily life problem, which type of executional framework do you think is more suitable for the product’s advertising?




Week- 4

Module 4 Graded Assessment


1. ___________ is the concept under which a company integrates and coordinates its many communications tools to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the company and its products.


2. ________ is a marketing communications tool in which marketers are able to present their brands ‘naturally’ within a TV show or movie for a fee.


Question 3
________ is used to influence the way an organization is perceived by its various stakeholders.


4. Which tool of the marketing communications mix consists of short-term incentives to encourage consumers to purchase a product or service?


5. ________ is a type of marketing communication in which consumers pass along marketing content of a brand to others through the Internet. Consumers do this without receiving a fee, and the content is often creative and provocative.


6. If a company wants to build a reputable “corporate image,” it will most likely use which of one the following marketing communications mix tools?


7. When a company aims to reach masses of potential consumers that are geographically dispersed at a low cost per exposure, the company will most likely choose which of the following marketing communications tools?


8. If McDonalds includes a free toy from a Disney movie in its happy meals for kids, what type of sales promotion is used?


9. ________ is a tool that allows consumers to try out products without the risk of deviating from a product that they already know.


10. ________ is a practice that helps search engines to reach the content in our websites more effectively through organic (not paid) searches.