Learning How To Learn Coursera Answer

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Learning How To Learn Coursera week 1 Quiz

1. I need a reliable internet connection to submit my quizzes and assignments, and it’s a good idea to keep a backup copy of my work to prevent it being lost.


2. I am invited to participate in the discussion forums, where I can ask questions and share my opinions, but I must not make abusive or spam-like posts.

3. I must not post the questions or answers to the quizzes in the discussion forum or anywhere else. This would be a breach of Coursera’s Honor Code.

4. Learning How to Learn is also available in Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese language versions. This means the webpages and quizzes are all translated, as well as captions on the videos.

If I would like to take quizzes and submit assignments in a language other than English, I should sign up for Learning How to Learn in one of the following languages:


5. All quizzes, readings and assignments for this version of the course are in English, but videos often have subtitles in many languages.


6. I can turn subtitles on by using the little subtitle icon on any video. This is at the bottom right of the video if I’m using a desktop computer or the top right of the video if I’m using the Coursera app.


7. I can complete this course using the Coursera website or a Coursera mobile app, both allow me to take in-video quizzes (these quizzes do not count towards my grade, they are just to help me learn).

8. I can usually resolve video playback problems myself, because problems are most often caused by an internet connection issue, using an unsupported browser or mobile device, or forgetting to update the Coursera app on my mobile device.

I should check these problems myself before reporting a problem on the course forum. Coursera’s Learner Help Center has articles to help me with video playback issues.

9. Learning How to Learn is a free course. However, I may choose to purchase a “Course Certificate”, which verifies my identity. If I am unable to pay for a Course Certificate, I can apply to Coursera for Financial Aid.

10. In order to be eligible for a Course Certificate, I must have had my identity verified on the Coursera platform. This entails submitting a photo and government-issued photo ID so that Coursera can verify my legal name, country, and date of birth. This identity verification on the platform only needs to be done once.

I can learn more about identify verification at the Learner Help Center, at ID Verification.

11. Before I can submit each graded assignment, I must acknowledge a clear warning that explains the consequences of violating Coursera’s Honor Code. I will learn more at Coursera Honor Code.

(The blue text box below is shown only to provide clarity here, you won’t see it in your quiz).

12. Quiz questions with square check buttons (also known as “check boxes”) allow me to select one or more answers, while quiz questions with round check buttons (also known as “radio buttons”) allow me to select only one answer.

These are two examples!

13. Some quiz questions – the ones with square check buttons – such as the one below allow me to select more than one answer.

I must select all correct answers – and no incorrect answers – to get ALL the points for the question. After I make my submission I will be awarded all the points, zero points, or partial points for the question, as shown below.

Note: The blue text boxes below are there only to show you how grading works, you won’t see them in your quiz results.

14. There are no penalties for missing quiz deadlines, you can complete quizzes any time before your session of Learning How to Learn ends (quiz deadlines have been created simply to help you pace yourself through the course).

15. If you do not complete all quizzes before the end of the course, you can switch into the next session of the course, and your completed quizzes will be moved into the new session. There’s more information in Coursera’s help article Switch to a different session.

16. Peer-reviewed assignments in this course are optional unless I am trying for a certificate with honors. If I choose to submit a peer-reviewed assignment, I should also review the assignments of three or more of my classmates.

17. If I choose to submit the optional peer-assessed assignment, and review the work of my classmates, I will do so thoughtfully, offering helpful suggestions and compliments in the feedback I give my peers.

18. Dr. Barbara Oakley enjoys eating guinea pigs.

19. Dr. Terrence Sejnowski ran the 400 meter dash in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

20. There is no free certificate or Statement of Accomplishment offered in this course, but my final grade will be shown on my Coursera Accomplishments page.


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