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1. What was your idea/plan? 


Answer: I assume I will donate cash for the health care and retirement of Missionaries. Since we are experiencing the Pandemic, I will donate thru on-line banking given that our community is on a lockdown. 





2. How did you execute the idea? Did you stick to the “3 rules for giving” (contain cost of giving, have fun, and register impact)? If not, why not?


Answer: I accomplished my thought via depositing/ transferring money on-line stick with solely the two policies for giving (contain price of giving and having exciting only. I was not capable to stick with registering impact due to the fact our neighborhood is on a lockdown due to pandemic. 





3. What did the recipient feel? In answering this question focus on what the recipient said/did when he/she experienced your act.


Answer: I’m certain that the recipients of my donation are very happy and grateful. I donated the cash for the health care and retirement of the Missionaries.




4. How did it make you feel? What effect did the entire exercise have on you?


Answer: I felt happy and I admire all the hardworks and sacrifices of the missionaries especially now that we are experiencing a pandemic. This exercising taught me how to be not just creative altruistic but most in particular being beneficiant and caring for others as well.


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