IT Operations

Q1. You are configuring a Wi-Fi base station using DHCP. Which items should you set or change?

  • [x]

    • Reset administrator password.
    • Set network name.
    • Set network security.
    • Set network password.
  • [ ]

    • Reset administrator password.
    • Set network name.
    • Set network password.
  •  - Set network name.

    • Set network password.
    • Assign DNS servers.
  • [ ]

    • Change administrator account name.
    • Set network password.
    • Set network name.
    • Assign DNS servers.

Q2. Can you connect a DisplayPort monitor to a USB-C port on your computer?

  •  Yes. The DisplayPort cable plugs directly into the USB connector.
  •  Yes. An adapter or dongle may be required.
  •  No. While you can rig a connection, video quality will be poor.
  •  No. The two standards are incompatible.

Q3. What is the I/O panel?

  •  the location where expansion cards can connect to peripherals
  •  a cluster of ports and connectors found on the back of the computer case
  •  the switches that turn on, sleep, and turn off the computer
  •  the portion of the motherboard where non-power cables connect

Q4. The computer consistently boots into Safe Mode. How would you address this issue?

  •  Edit the Registry key that controls the boot sequence.
  •  Hold the Shift key as Windows boots.
  •  Check the MSCONFIG utility to ensure that Normal boot is selected.
  •  Fix the issue in Safe Mode that is causing the system to restart in this mode.

Q5. Which choice is not a typical adjustment found on a monitor?

  •  resolution
  •  color temperature
  •  contrast
  •  brightness

Q6. Assuming that the gateway, modem, and switch are separate units, in what order should a small office or home office LAN be restarted?

  •  The order is not important.

  • [x]

    1. Modem
    2. Gateway
    3. Switch
  • [ ]

    1. Modem
    2. Switch
    3. Gateway
  •  1. Gateway 2. Switch

Q7. A client needs to secure their cafe's wireless network, which is used only by employees. What is the best approach for a finite list of devices?

  •  Limit access to specific MAC addresses.
  •  Do not broadcast the SSID.
  •  Apply a metered connection.
  •  Apply a password.

Q8. Which hardware port would not be found on a typical gateway?

  •  WAN
  •  USB
  •  LAN
  •  uplink

Q9. The recent Windows update introduced some quirks in the system. How can you enter the Windows Recovery Environment to recover from the update?

  •  Hold the Shift key when selecting the Restart command.
  •  Restart in Safe Mode where the Recovery item is located on the Start menu.
  •  Press the any key at the boot screen.
  •  Go to the Task Manager Startup tab.

Q10. Which components are typically found on the motherboard?

  •  basic I/O graphics NIC battery expansion slots

  •  basic I/O cooling NIC graphics expansion slots

  •  basic I/O graphics NIC mass storage expansion slots

  •  basic I/O graphics NIC power supply expansion slots

Q11. What does the acronym RAID refer to?

  •  Repeating Architecture for Internal Drives
  •  Recoverable Advanced Integration and Duplication
  •  Redundant Array of Independent Disks
  •  Replicated Array of Internal Devices

Q12. To which internal component does the illustrated (P1) connector attach?


  •  motherboard
  •  I/O panel
  •  power supply
  •  primary mass storage

Q13. Your computer boots at very low resolution that cannot be increased through display settings. What is the most likely solution?

  •  The connection between the display and the computer is loose.
  •  You need to reinstall the display drivers.
  •  You need to replace your monitor.
  •  Some of your RAM is failing.

Q14. To which choice can the wget program be considered similar?

  •  tracert
  •  netstat
  •  ping
  •  cURL

Q15. Does an incognito window prevent websites from tracking your activity on the web?

  •  No. Incognito mode only prevents the site from appearing in your browser history.
  •  Yes. Incognito mode encrypts data packets, making it difficult for websites to track your activity.
  •  No. Some websites track by ID, and if you sign into a site even in incognito, your activity is known.
  •  Yes. Incognito mode blocks all cookies and tracking IDs and suppresses browser history.

Q16. What must you confirm before performing a processor upgrade?

  •  The new processor is compatible with the current motherboard.
  •  The new processor is the same type as the old.
  •  The new processor is compatible with the operating system.
  •  The new processor fits into the old processor's slot.

Q17. Which type of storage has the fastest data access speeds?

  •  Secure Sockets Layer drive
  •  solid-state drive
  •  serial attached storage device
  •  SCSI drive

Q18. A Bluetooth peripheral is prompting for a passcode to complete the pairing/connection process. What is the peripheral, most likely?

  •  keyboard
  •  all of these answers
  •  mouse
  •  headset

Q19. Walt's computer is several years old and he wants to ensure that the system works until he gets a replacement. What should he do first?

  •  Run a file check daily.
  •  Obtain an extended warranty.
  •  Back up his data.
  •  Ensure that the system is protected against malware.

Q20. What is one difference between a drive and media?

  •  The drive is where the data is stored and the media is the data itself.
  •  A drive is hardware that reads media.
  •  These are two terms for the same thing: storage.
  •  The terms apply only to removable storage, where the drive is the slot and the media is the thumb drive or media card inserted into the slot.

Q21. Mass storage inside a desktop computer case is usually found where?

  •  in an expansion slot
  •  attached to the front of the case
  •  in a drive cage
  •  on the motherboard

Q22. Which statement about a modular power supply is true?

  •  It is built from a cluster of smaller, easier-to-install power supplies.
  •  Its power output can be varied to save electricity.
  •  Its cables are detachable.
  •  It has dedicated power reserved for different computer components.

Q23. Which program controls the Windows startip sequence?

  •  Task Manager
  •  the Computer Management Console
  •  the UEFI

Q24. Angela ran a diagnostic that shows an ever-decreasing amount of memory in her computer. What could be the problem?

  •  DRAM is failing.
  •  A program has a memory leak.
  •  There is no problem. It's normal for available memory to decrease the longer you use the system.
  •  Another user has signed into the system

Q25. Which type of power connector is this?


  •  Edison
  •  Molex
  •  SATA
  •  PCI

Q26. What is the most important thing to do before opening a computer case?

  •  Turn off and unplug the computer.
  •  Disconnect all of the cables.
  •  Close your programs, sign out of your account, and turn off the computer.
  •  Ground yourself.

Q27. On a trackpad, what gesture commonly replaces "center mouse wheel" for things like scrolling through documents?

  •  pinch outward
  •  scroll with thumb instead
  •  two-finger swipe
  •  force click and drag

Q28. What is the name of the hardware that provides a computer with network access?

  •  BIOS
  •  RJ-45
  •  NIC
  •  Router