Microsoft Outlook

Q1. What can you set a reminder for in Outlook?

  •  all of these answers
  •  contacts
  •  email messages
  •  appointments and meetings

Q2. What is the default permission that other people in your organization have to your calendar?

  •  They can view free/busy details only.
  •  They can edit.
  •  They can view all details.
  •  They can view titles and locations.


Q3. Your boss sends you an email with a request to set up a meeting and copies all meeting attendees on the message. What is the fastest way to create the calendar appointment

  •  Click New Items > New Appointment.
  •  Click Calendar > New Meeting, and then copy and paste information as needed.
  •  with the email open, click Meeting on the Home ribbon or Message tab.
  •  Click Reply All.

Q4. You are running low on Outlook storage space. How might you address this problem?

  •  all of these answers
  •  Archive messages you are done with.
  •  Save and then remove large attachments from messages
  •  Sort by size and then delete large messages.

Q5. Why are read receipts less reliable than delivery receipts?

A. Users can change their email settings to ignore requests for read receipts.
B. Users can decline individual requests for read receipts.
C. Read receipts are expensive, so some organizations turn them off.
  •  A and C
  •  B and C
  •  A and B
  •  A,B,and C

Q6. What address box should you use if you want to hide message recipients from each other?

  •  Bcc
  •  to
  •  cc
  •  From

Q7. You are creating a new email message to Diane and Joey. You need a response from Diane, but are simply informing Joey. How should you address the email?

  •  to Diane and Joey
  •  to Diane and bcc Joey
  •  to Joey and bcc Diane
  •  to Diane and cc Joey

Q8. Which choice is not an attachment?

  •  a PDF document included with an email
  •  a Word document included with an email
  •  (Â) a calendar item included with an email
  •  a hyperlink included in an email

Q9. You can use a**_to indicate that a message requires further action and a**to organize the message.

  •  folder; category
  •  flag; tag
  •  category; flag
  •  flag; category

Q10. You create a task and assign it to Nalia. Nalia reviews the request and declines the assignment. Where is the task now, and who is the owner?

  •  The task is nowhere, and no one is the owner.
  •  The task is in your task list, and you are the owner.
  •  The task is in Nalia's task list, and you are the owner.
  •  The task is in Nalia's task list, and Nalia is the owner until she reassigns it to you.

Q11. What does Outlook automatically point out to you when you are invited to a meeting?

  •  if your attendance is mandatory
  •  ifthe meeting is high or low priority
  •  the amount of time you have between this meeting and your next event
  •  if the meeting is adjacent to another event in your calendar

Q12. What appears on your screen whenever a new email arrives?

  •  an emoji
  •  an alert
  •  a notice
  •  a bell icon

Q13. Some of your inbox folder are used for annual or biannual projects, while others are used for work that is not based on projects. The same is true for your calendars. How can you use archiving to increase your efficiency and minimize the size of your mailbox?

  •  Review your folders to determine the age of messages that should auto archive in each folder. Set the most frequent value as the AutoArchive default
  •  For each folder, determine whether aged items should be deleted or archived
  •  Set individual settings for folders that should be archived, but not using the default settings
  •  All of these answers

Q14. Removing redundant messages can be completed by utilizing what Outlook features?

  •  Filter
  •  Junk Mail
  •  The Delete Key
  •  Clean Up Conversation

Q15. You have sent several emails to a customer and have not received a response. What option do you set to know whether the customer receives your messages?

  •  Delivery receipt
  • [] All of these answers
  •  Read receipt
  •  Tracking

Q16. A message on your summary list appears with a paper clip icon and an arrow pointing to the left. What does this indicate?

  •  The message has been replied to and contains an attachment
  •  The message has been flagged and contains an attachment
  •  None of these answers
  •  The message has been forwarded and contains an attachment

Q17. What is a key difference between sending someone your Outlook contact and sending you Outlook business card?

  •  Sending the contact is faster because the contact itself has no formatting
  •  Sharing a contact is superior because more email systems support Outlook contacts rather than business cards
  •  There is no real difference
  •  Your business card can be edited to omit personal information such as a home phone

Q18. You have received an email message with detailed notes that you need to analyze before responding, so you want to save it as a task. What is the best way to create a new task that includes the notes in the body of the task?

  •  Right click the email message, drag and drop it on the Tasks icon, and click Copy Here as Task with Attachment
  •  Copy and paste the notes into a new task form
  •  Drag the email message and drop it on the Tasks icon
  •  Right click the email message, drag and drop it on the Tasks icon, and click Move Here as Task with Attachment

Q19. There are two types of Outlook rules. One is server-based rules, which run for Exchange Server. What are the other kind, which in part or in whole cannot run on Exchange Server, and when do the execute?

  •  client-only rules; when Outlook is running
  •  Outlook-based rules; when Outlook is running
  •  None of these answers
  •  Outlook-only rules; when Outlook is offline

Q20. In earlier version of Outlook, you could easily apply a color to messages sent only to you, but the messages on which you were cc'd were still a visual distraction. How might you create an Inbox experience that is more focused than the default Outlook experience?

  •  Create a CCd folder, and then create a rule to move all messages where you are on the CC line to that folder
  •  Create a rule to move all messages where you are in the CC line to the Deleted Items folder
  •  Create a rule to apply conditional formatting to all messages where you are in the CC line
  •  Turn on Focused Inbox

Q21. How can you quickly locate emails with large attachment?

  •  Sort the messages by size then filter by Has: Attachments
  •  Sort the messages by sender
  •  Sort the messages by Has: Attachments and then filter by Is: Large
  •  Sort the messages by Has: Attachments and then by size

Q22. What is not a built-in search filter for message folder?

  •  Has Attachments
  •  Sent to me as Bcc
  •  Categorized
  •  Not sent directly to me

Q23. You created a meeting for next Friday at 1 PM, and several invitees have accepted. How do you change only your version of the meeting to 12 PM to allow time to setup?

  •  Double click the meeting to open its form, and then change the start time and close it
  •  None of these answers
  •  Open the calendar in Day, Week, or Work Week view and drag the start time to 12 PM
  •  You must create a separate appointment for yourself from 12 PM to 1 PM

Q24. What is the fastest way to find a message sent by Bonnie Bradford that includes an attachment?

  •  Search based on sender then filter by Has Attachments
  •  Search for "has:attachments" and then filter by Bonnie Bradford
  •  All of these answers
  •  Enter "Bonnie Bradford attachment" in the search box

Q25. Each category must have a unique _

  •  color
  •  folder
  •  name
  •  name and color

Q26. Outlook autocompletes email addresses you have used previously, including addresses that you mistyped. How can you remove an incorrect autocomplete suggestion?

  •  Search the autocomplete library, select the incorrect suggestion, and then click Delete
  •  Close Outlook, reboot your computer, and restart Outlook
  •  Wait until the suggestion appears again, then highlight it and press the Delete key
  •  Delete the corresponding contact

Q27. What is the key difference between an appointment and a meeting?

  •  A meeting includes other people
  •  An appointment is automatically marked as busy while a meeting is marked as tentative
  •  An appointment can be all day, while a meeting has specific start and end time
  •  A meeting has specific start and end times

Q28. When adding an email account to Outlook, why might you need to enter the server settings manually?

  •  You did not write down your password
  •  Outlook cannot detect the proper settings for your server automatically
  •  You do not have an email server
  •  The server is not on the list of Microsoft approved servers

Q29. You are viewing a date three months in the future, in Month view. You switch to check an email in the same window. When you switch back to the calendar, what will Outlook display?

  •  the current month
  •  the Month view for a date three months in the future
  •  the current date in Day view
  •  the current date in Week view

Q30. When you @mention a colleague in an email message, what does not happen?

  •  Your colleague's name is highlighted in the message
  •  The colleague is automatically added to the To line
  •  @ appears next to the message in your colleague's Inbox
  •  @ appears next to the email in your Sent items folder (Sent folder in Outlook for Mac)

Q31. You have received an email messages with detailed notes that you need to analyze before responding, so you want to save it as a task. What is the best way to create a new task that includes the notes in the body of the task?

  •  Right-drag the email message, drop it on the Tasks icon, and click Copy Here as Task with Attachment
  •  Drag the email message and drop it on the Tasks icon
  •  Copy and paste the notes into a new task form
  •  Right-drag the email message, drop it on the Tasks icon, and click Move Here as Task with Attachment

Q32. What is an appropriate use for voting buttons?

  •  Asking your supervisor to prioritize a list of tasks
  •  Sending customers a three-question survey about a recent service experience
  •  Asking your colleagues to choose their favorite lunch spot from a list
  •  All of these answers

Q33. You created a meeting for next Tuesday at 2 PM, and several invitees have accepted. How do you change the meeting so it will begin at 1 PM and last for one hour?

A. Open the calendar in Day, Week, or Work Week view. Drag the start time to 1 PM and send an update
B. Double click the meeting to open it, change the start time to 1 PM abd send an update
C. Some people have already accepted, so you must cancel this meeting and create a new meeting
  •  B
  •  C
  •  A or B
  •  A

Q34. What permission allows your delegates to read, create, change, and delete items that they create, but not items that you created?

  •  Reader
  •  Author
  •  Reviewer
  •  Editor

Q35. Why might you create an additional contacts folder?

  •  To store contacts to share with colleagues
  •  To avoid exceeding 500 contacts per folder limit
  •  To make it faster to search for your contacts
  •  All of these answers

Q36. What is a key difference between flagging a message for follow up and creating a task from them?

  •  All of these answers
  •  A task can be assigned to another person while a flagged item cannot be delegated
  •  You can set a reminder for a task but not for a flagged item
  •  The flagged message appears only in the Inbox folder; the task appears in the To-Do Bar and task list

Q37. When accepting a meeting invitation, what happens if you click "Do not send a response"?

  •  Outlook will send an email to the meeting organizer on your behalf
  •  The meeting organizer will not receive an email with your response, and your response will be recorded
  •  The meeting organizer will not receive an email with your response, and your response will not be recorded
  •  None of these answers

Q38. What happens to your calendar when you adjust the time scale?

  •  You set time constraints for looking events
  •  You automatically switch to list view
  •  You change the time zone that your calendar uses
  •  You change the number of hours visible on the grid

Q39. Which is not a good reason to create a new calendar?

  •  To keep track of personal events in a work setting
  •  To use a shared calendar with colleagues
  •  To isolate meetings and important dates for a project team
  •  To have a different view of your calendar

Q40. Under what conditions can you successfully recall a message?

  •  Only when the recipient is also using Outlook
  •  Only if the email is plain text without attachments
  •  If the email si still in your outbox
  •  If the email was sent within the past 24 hours

Q41. What rule can you create in View Settings to color code messages from a particular senderm such as your manager?

  •  Format Columns
  •  Conditional Formatting
  •  Group By
  •  By Sender

Q42. You have a contact folder for members and you need to track two additional pieces of member information: start date and last renewal. What is the simplest wat to track this information?

  •  Export your contacts to Excel, which ash lots of columns; add the data; and then import the contacts back to Outlook
  •  Use the Field Chooser to create two new columns of type Date in the folder
  •  Create a custom contacts form that includes two text boxes to collect this data
  •  All of these answers

Q43. You have created a rule to automatically route emails to the Project A folder. Why might you also add Project A to Favorites? (Select all that apply)

A. To easily see when you have a new message related to Project A
B. To audit the rule
C. Because the unread messages count for the Inbox folder will not include Project A
D. Because you cannot create a search folder for a subfolder
  •  A and C
  •  A, C, and D
  •  A and B
  •  B and D

Q44. Each _ can be assigned two default signatures for _ .

  •  None of these answers
  •  email account; new messages and replies or forwards
  •  user; new messages and replies
  •  user; new messages and replies or forwards

Q45. While using Focused Inbox, you notice that Outlook sometimes puts important messages from a specific customer on th Another tab. How do you fix this for future messages?

  •  Right-click a message that was incorrectly organized and click Move to Focused.
  •  Right-click a message that was incorrectly organized and click Always Move to Focused.
  •  Close the Outlook application and relaunch.
  •  Locate that customer in the People Hub and select the Focused check box.

Q46. In the Outlook interface shown below, why is the Show as Conversations option grayed out?

  •  The Inbox folder is sorted by size.
  •  The People peek is open and Sally Kerner's card has focus.
  •  Focused Inbox is being used.
  •  The People peek is open and has focus.

Q47. Suppose you select a message in Focused Inbox and then chose Move to Other, but the message does not move. What is the most likely cause?

  •  Clutter is prioritizing the messages.
  •  Your mailbox is not ser for random synchronization.
  •  The mailbox is offline.
  •  The mailbox is a shared mailbox.

Q48. For efficiency, how should you save a search that you run frequently?

  •  as a search folder (Smart Folder on Mac)
  •  none of these answers
  •  as a column
  •  as a criteria set

Q49. When you compose and email and click the To or Cc button, where does Outlook search first?

  •  none of these answers
  •  your People list
  •  your Outlook Favorites
  •  the global address book

Q50. What do you call an appointment or meeting that happens on a regular basis?

  •  repeating
  •  redundant
  •  related
  •  recurring

Q51. Which key, when held down, allows you to select multiple nonadjacent emails?

  •  Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac)
  •  Shift+Tab
  •  Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac)
  •  Shift

Q52. You are inviting five members of your executive staff to an offsite retreat. You need to ensure that they do not share the invitation with others. What should you do before sending the email?

  •  Include the text "No Forward" in the Bcc field.
  •  Turn off the Allow Forwarding option.
  •  Prefix the email subject with "FWD OFF".
  •  Turn on the No Forwarding option.

Q53. When adding a calendar to view, which is not a valid option?

  •  From Internet
  •  From Contacts
  •  From Address Book
  •  From Room List

Q54. Which criteria can you select to filter email in the Focused folder?

  •  unread status
  •  importance
  •  message size
  •  date received

Q55. A meeting reminder showed up and you accidently closed it. What is the best way to bring back the reminder when in Calendar view?

  •  Right-click the meeting in the Calendar and select Reminders Window.
  •  Close and reopen Outlook
  •  On Windows, on the Home tab, click Schedule View. On Mac, click View > Switch to Other.
  •  On Windows, on the View tab, click Reminders Window. On Mac, click Windows > Reminders.

Q56. You received an email from someone and want to find other emails from this person. Witch method is not a way to see those emails across all folders?

  •  Highlight the email in the viewing pane and sort by From,
  •  Enter the person's email address into the search box.
  •  On the Folder tab, click New Search Folder and select Mail from specific people.
  •  Right-click the email and select Find Related > Messages from sender.

Q57. What does the ignore button allow you to do?

  •  Flag yourself as unavailable to specific coworkers.
  •  Route all future emails from a user directly to the Deleted Items folder.
  •  Skip all misspellings of a specific word.
  •  Turn off all reminders and notifications.

Q58. When you flag an email for follow-up, you are assigning the email a(n) _ .

  •  importance level
  •  priority level
  •  category
  •  due date

Q59. What happens when you drag an email to the Calendar icon?

  •  The Archive window opens.
  •  Outlook schedule a reminder.
  •  Outlook schedule a appointment.
  •  The Work Week calendar view opens.

Q60. In this image, what do you use to move between Mail, Calendar, People and Tasks?

  •  Quick Steps
  •  Navigation Pane
  •  Navigation Bar
  •  To-DO Bar

Q61. It is currently the week of April 23. You are viewing the week of May 21 in your Outlook calendar. You switch to email then back to the calendar. Which dates do the calendar display now?

  •  the week of May 21
  •  the month of April
  •  the month of May
  •  the week of April 23

Q62. Besides opening an email in a new window, where can you view all the content of a message?

  •  in the sidebar
  •  in the Information Viewer
  •  in Message Preview
  •  in the Reading Pane

Q63. You want to print full-page slides to fill 8.5-by-11-inch paper, but they appear too small in the preview. What is the best way to rectify this?

  •  Repeatedly bumo up the scale setting print option until it fills the page in the preview.
  •  Change the slide size to standard.
  •  Change the scale setting option to 100%.
  •  Select the Scale to Fit Paper print option.

Q64. Which is not a valid search criteria when searching for messages in your inbox?

  •  Words found in the message itself.
  •  Who sent the email.
  •  Attachments.
  •  Where the email was sent from.

Q65. You have 15 folders, one of each of your projects. How can you make your most frequently used folders more accessible?

  •  Create subcategories for the folders based on frequency of use.
  •  Assign the frequently used folders to the same color category.
  •  Save the folders to Favorites.
  •  Assign each folder a priority number.

Q66. You accidentally delete an email from your inbox. How can you retrieve the deleted email?

  •  You cannot retrieve a deleted email.
  •  Open the Deleted Items folder.
  •  Open your computer's Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac).
  •  Click the Undo button.

Q67. You are viewing your calendar in work week view and see a thin horizonatal line running IEWING YOUR CALENDAR IN WORK WEEK VIEW AND SEE A THIN HORIZONTAL LINE RUNNING ACROSS ALL DAYS AT THE 2:30 P.M. POSITION. WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU?

Q68. You have a message in your Inbox that has a blue down arrow. What does it mean?

  •  The message needs to finish downloading.
  •  The sender set the message priority to Low Priority.
  •  A rule forwarded the message.
  •  The sender is not in your address list.

Q69. Which Outlook function allows you to filter your emails?

  •  Find
  •  Move
  •  Tag
  •  Quick Steps

Q70.In Outlook, a rule is applied to

  •  contacts
  •  messages
  •  tasks
  •  meetings

Q71.You want to change the default font used for new messages and in the Notes field in Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. How do you do this?

  •  Change the fonts used for mail in File > Options > Mail > Stationery and Fonts (Windows) or Outlook > Preferences > Fonts (Mac). The fonts used in the Notes field in Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks cannot be changed.
  •  Click File > Options > General > Stationery and Fonts (Windows) or Outlook > Preferences > Composing (Mac).
  •  Click File > Options > Mail > Stationery and Fonts (Windows) or Outlook > Preferences > Fonts (Mac).
  •  Select the desired font in a new message. Outlook will use it for future messages and notes.

Q72.What does the Groups section contain in Outlook?

  •  Microsoft 365 Groups you are a member of
  •  Microsoft 365 Groups across your company
  •  Contact Groups across your company
  •  Contact Groups you have created

Q72. Why are some dates in your calendar shaded, as shown?

  •  The calendar view is not displaying properly. Click Reset View to fix it.
  •  When you add a category to an appointment, the category color is used as the background color.
  •  You have an appointment that ends after midnight.
  •  You have an all-day event marked as Busy, Out of Office, or Tentative.

Q73. You are having difficulty reading an email due to the small text size. What is the easiest way to make this email more readable?

  •  Change your computer's display and resolution settings.
  •  Reply to the email, select all, and increase the font size.
  •  Use the Zoom button.
  •  Change the Message Preview option to the maximum 3 lines setting.

Q74. You are sending an email to several people, and you want any responses to go to a colleague. How can you set this up?

  •  Change the From field to your colleague's email address.
  •  Forward the email to the colleague before anyone responds.
  •  Click Delivery Options > Have Replies sent to.
  •  Include the colleague's email address in the To field.

Q75. The commands on which bar are available in all Outlook applications?

  •  the Simplified Ribbon
  •  To-Do Bar
  •  Quick Access Toolbar
  •  Navigation Bar

Q76. To keep your Inbox folders organized and lean, where should you move old messages?

  •  a subfolder
  •  a compressed file
  •  a file system folder
  •  an archive

Q77. What happens when you delete a folder that contains emails in Outlook?

  •  The folder is emptied and then moved to Deleted Items.
  •  You cannot delete a folder until its contents are deleted first.
  •  The contents are moved to Deleted Items, and then the empty folder is moved to Deleted Items.
  •  The folder and its contents are moved to Deleted Items at the same time.