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Problem Solving Using Computational Thinking Coursera Week 2



Week- 2

Airport Surveillance CaseStudy Quiz


Question 1
Identifying suspicious behavior at an airport is a complex problem. In this case study, what was one strategy for decomposing this problem into a smaller, more manageable problem?

1 point

  • Design an algorithm that counts how often luggage is left unattended.
  • Use machine learning to track which parts of the airport is the busiest.
  • Design an algorithm that can differentiate between airport staff and travelers.
  • Define a specific type of suspicious behavior in quantifiable terms.

Question 2
When designing an algorithm that will detect unattended luggage, what kind of information would likely NOT be ?relevant to this problem?

1 point

  • The length of time luggage has been left unattended.
  • Whether a piece of luggage is idle or moving.
  • The distance between attended luggage and its owner.
  • The types of clothing people in an airport are wearing.

Question 3
Using the following algorithm, what would happen if the luggage in one video frame is not seen in the next frame?

1 point

  • The algorithm checks to see how long the luggage has been moving.
  • The algorithm generates a warning.
  • No warning is given, and the algorithm checks if there are more objects to categorize in the frame.
  • The algorithm checks to see if the luggage is accompanied by a human.

Question 4
Since computer-based solutions require questions that are specific and quantifiable, which one of the following questions is most appropriate for a computer-based solution?

1 point

  • What kind of luggage is the most aesthetically pleasing?
  • What kind of behavior is suspicious?
  • How many people have entered the airport in the past two hours?
  • Why is flying better than driving a car?

Question 5
What is an algorithm? Choose the best answer:

1 point

  • The process of identifying parts of a problem that can be ignored when approaching a problem.
  • The process of identifying patterns that can lead you to a potential solution.
  • The breaking down of a large, complex problem, into smaller more manageable problem.
  • A process or defined set of rules used by a computer for solving an identified problem.



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