Science of Exercise Coursera Answer

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Week 1 Quiz


1. What is the primary source of energy during a single maximal bench press:


2. What are the primary sources of energy during a 100-meter dash:


3. What are the primary sources of energy during a marathon:


4. Regarding the “crossover concept” which of the following is true ( select all that apply ):


5. The major site of ATP production during aerobic exercise is:


6. Indirect calorimetry can be used during exercise to:


7. The Respiratory Exchange Ratio is:


8. The major regulator of blood glucose during a 30 min submax exercise bout is:


9. Maximal oxygen consumption would be the highest for:


10. Adaptations to a training program primarily relate to the:


11. Who would most likely be in positive nitrogen balance:


12. Which is true regarding the rate of protein synthesis:


13. Which of the following is a source of carbohydrates for the body during exercise?


14. Endurance training will result in:


15. Which is true regarding fuel stored in the body:




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