Social Psychology Coursera week 3 Quiz

Please share web links (URLs starting with “https://…”) for at least three of your posts. To obtain each link, simply click on the down-arrow in the top right corner of your post, and choose “Link to Post”:

Then copy the link and paste it into the Assignment #3 textbox.

As shown below, the easiest way to paste a link is by clicking on the Link icon at the bottom of the textbox, which will pop open a dialogue box. After that, simply paste the link into the box and click OK.

TIP: If the link you pasted is black rather than blue, place your cursor at the end of the link and hit the Enter key or Space bar to make the link blue. Once all three links are blue—meaning that they’re clickable—you’re done!

Here’s an example with the correct format:

Post #1:

Post #2:

Post #3:

Important link: