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Week- 1

Flow Algorithms


Question 1
Which vertices are in the minimum S-T cut in the network below?

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  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • S
  • T

Question 2
What is the augmenting path that will be used by the Edmonds-Karp algorithm to increase the flow given below?

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  • S-B-D-C-T
  • S-B-A-C-D-T
  • S-B-A-C-T
  • S-B-T
  • S-A-C-T

Question 3
Which of the statements below is true?

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  • The sum of the capacities of the edges of a network equals the sum of the capacities of the edges of any residual network.
  • The Edmonds-Karp algorithm is always faster than the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm.
  • The Ford-Fulkerson algorithms runs in polynomial time on graphs with unit edge capacities.

Question 4
What is the size of the maximum matching of the following graph?

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Question 5
Consider the image segmentation problem on a picture that is given by an n by n grid of pixels. Suppose that separation penalties are imposed only for adjacent pairs of pixels. If we use the Edmonds-Karp algorithm to solve this problem as described in class, the final runtime is O(n^a) for some a. What is the best such a?

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