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Week- 2

Linear Programming Quiz


Question 1
What is the minimum number of linear inequalities needed to define the figure pictured below?

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Question 2
Given a solution to a linear program, one could try to show that it is optimal by finding a matching solution to the dual program. Which of the following theorems will make it easier to do so?

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  • Separation of convex sets from outside points by hyperplanes.
  • Polytopes achieve optimum values at vertices.
  • Complementary slackness.

Question 3
Which of the following statements are true?

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  • A system of linear equations has a solution unless they can be combined in some combination to give the equation 0=1.
  • A system of linear equations has always 0, 1, or infinitely many solutions.
  • A system of n linear equations in n variables always has a unique solution.

Question 4
Suppose that you are trying to solve the optimization problem:

Maximize v\cdot xv⋅x subject to Ax \geq bAx≥b for some A\in \mathbb{R}^{m\times n}A∈R
(i.e. trying to solve an optimization problem in nn variables with mm linear inequality constraints).

This problem can be reduced to running a solution finding algorithm on a different system of linear equations in kk variables. What is the smallest value of kk for which this can be done?

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Question 5
What is the largest possible value of x+y achievable by pairs x,y of real numbers satisfying the constraints:

x <= 7
y <= 10
2x+y <= 21
-x + 2y <= 12
5x-y <= 30





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