1. What is Blackberry technology? 

BlackBerry is nothing but a handheld wireless device that is just like a two-way pager.

It supports the features like the mobile telephone, pushes e-mail, text messaging, web browsing, internet faxing.

In addition to these, all types of wireless information services and multi-touch interfaces are also included. 


2. Explain about Blackberry Operating System. 

Research in Motion, a Canadian company provided a proprietary operating system for BlackBerry.

The operating system provides support for Java MIDP 1.0 and WAP 1.2.

The current version supports Novell Group Wise and Lotus Notes.

Third-party software can be developed using BlackBerry APIs as well, with certain restriction functionality must be signed by RIM digitally, so that it can be associated to a developer account. 


3. Explain about BlackBerry Internet Service 

The primary alternative to BlackBerry Enterprise Server is BlackBerry Internet Service. The development of this service is aimed at the average consumer rather than for the business consumer. POP3 and IMAP integration are allowed by these services for the personal user. It allows upto 10 e-mail accounts could be accessed including popular emails Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. MySpace, Facebook and MSN can also be accessed by using special bundles.

Latest BlackBerry devices are using proprietary BlackBerry Messenger for sending and receiving instant messages through BlackBerry PIN or barcode scan. This is a BlackBerry Alliance program for the partners who work under contract with RIM for creating new BlackBerry applications. 


4. What are the features of Blackberry? 

The standard features of a BlackBerry are calendar, notes, calculator, tasks, alarm clock and few games.

In addition to the standard features, BlackBerry also has a feature for downloading third party applications.

Most of the BlackBerry handhelds are capable of using Bluetooth, which allows for using wireless Bluetooth headsets for handling telephone calls. 


5. What is iPhone? 

• IPhone is a combination of internet and multimedia enabled smart phone developed by Apple Inc.

• iPhone functions as a camera phone, including text messaging, and visual voice mail

• iPhone is a portable media player that resembles a video iPod

• It has user interface that is built around the multi-touch screen including virtual keyboard.

• App Store , which launched in the mid 2008 has over 1,00,000 applications with functionalities including games, references, GPS navigation, advertising, television shows, films, reference, celebrities. 


6. Explain about the CPU used in Blackberry technology 

Early BlackBerry devices used Interl-80386 processors but Intel XScale 624 MHz CPUs are used in the latest BlackBerry 9000 series.

Earlier, BlackBerry 8000 series with Pearl was based on the 312 MHz ARM XScale ARMv5TE PAXA900. BlackBerry 8707 was based on 80 MHz Qualcomm 3250 chipset, and the device was often slower for downloading and render the web pages over 3G than the 8700 was over EDGE networks. 


7. What is the Domain Name System (DNS)? What are the advantages of it?

A hierarchical naming system for computer systems, services or for that matter any resource participating in the internet. Various information with domain names is assigned to each of the participants. DNS translates the names of domain into meaningful to humans into binary identifiers that are associated with the equipment of network to locate and address these devices. 


More Reliable: Delivers messages to the users with zero downtime.

Faster: DNS are connected well at intersections of internet. Any cast technology enables requests are answered to the next closest node in the case of maintenance or downtime.

Smarter: Automatic corrections of typos. 


8. Explain the use of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).

Internet Control Message Protocol is one of the important protocols in the Internet Protocol suite. It is mainly used in operating system of networked computers, for the purpose of sending error messages, for example, a requested service is unavailable or the host could not be reached. It is not directed by the network applications. ICMPs are utilized by routers, hosts for communicating the updates or error information to other routers.  


9. What is an application gateway?

An application gateway is an application program that runs on a firewall between two networks. An application gateway is used for establishing connection between client program and destination service. The client negotiates with the gateway to communicate with the service of destination. Here, gateway can be called as a proxy. Hence, two connections are made. One between client and proxy; other, between proxy and destination service. Connections take place behind the firewall 


10. Which OS versions does BlackBerry App World support?

BlackBerry App World works with BlackBerry smartphones running OS version 4.5.0 or higher.


11. Can we distribute web applications?

Yes, it’s possible to promote and distribute web-based content services for BlackBerry smartphones, provided you offer a web icon application to be distributed on BlackBerry App World.

A web icon application is a small Java® application packaged as a COD file that, once downloaded, provides a dedicated icon on the BlackBerry smartphone that will take the user to a mobile website.


12. Can we distribute applications that use cryptographic APIs?

You can distribute applications that use cryptographic APIs provided they adhere to the requirements and restrictions detailed in the BlackBerry App World Vendor Agreement.

You may also be required to provide a Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System (CCATS) reference for Research In Motion (RIM) to obtain additional data on the application and ensure compliance with export control regulations. Learn how to request an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) (PDF)


13. What are the requirements for the icon and screenshots?

The file submitted for the icon is automatically sized for use in various parts of the BlackBerry App World solution. It’s recommended you provide a 480x480, 300dpi, RGB file in PNG format so the icon retains the best possible image quality when the file is converted.

14. Can we add a hyperlink in the description of the application?

You can add a link to the description to enable users to find more information about your application. Please note the description is in plain text and a user won’t be able to click on the link.


15. What billing models are supported on BlackBerry App World?

BlackBerry App World supports one-time billing at the time of download, free applications and the sale of digital goods within applications.

Applications that require a different billing model, such as monthly subscription charges, feature unlocking and pay-per-use may leverage the Payment Service. Learn about Payment Service.


16. Can we send end users a message to renew or re-purchase an application?

Users will be notified when updates to applications they’ve already downloaded or purchased are made available on BlackBerry App World.


17. Can we select more than one category for my application?

You can select only one category for your application. Category selection will be evaluated for suitability and an alternate category may be suggested for your application.


18. How’s the tax on purchased applications processed?

Tax is calculated by Digital River and/or Bango and shown on an end user’s purchase confirmation or may be included in the purchase price.


19. What languages does BlackBerry App World support?

The BlackBerry App World client supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Additional languages will be added in future releases.


20. How does RIM determine if an application is suitable for BlackBerry App World?

RIM will review a submitted application for content suitability and perform technical testing to ensure the application meets the BlackBerry App World Vendor Guidelines.

Vendors should test their applications for compatibility against the devices selected during the submission process to avoid test failures and application rejections.

21. Once an application has been submitted, can I make changes to my submission?

Once the application has been submitted, it can no longer be altered. Please ensure all pertinent information has been entered before submitting.