Financial Markets Coursera week 3 Quiz

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1. Which of the following describes current short term interest rates?



2. What is the Federal Funds Rate and how long does it take to mature?



3.If you put $1000 into an account with a 20% interest rate, how much money will you have at the end of the year if interest is compounded ONCE per year?



4. How do coupon bonds work?




5. What is the main difference between a consol and an annuity ?



6. The forward rate is:


7. The real interest rate is calculated by:


8.Irving Fisher’s Debt Deflation Theory starts from the observation that:




Lesson #9 Quiz




1.Market capitalization is calculated by using:



2. The greater an investor’s ownership in a corporation is, the greater:



3. A firm must make its dividend payments to __________ before it makes any dividend payments to its ___________.



4. The basic corporate charter: (check all that apply)




5. In the Pecking Order Theory, the companies prioritize their sources of financing in the following order:



6.A dilution is:



7. A share repurchase is: (check all that apply)



8.The price-to-earnings ratio: (check all that apply)


9. Generally, a reduction in dividend is interpreted by investors as:




Module 3 Honors Quiz



1. Which of the following did Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk NOT believe caused the interest rate to be a small positive number?



2.If you put $1000 into an account with a 20% interest rate, how much money will you have at the end of the year if interest is compounded CONTINUOUSLY?


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3. Suppose that a consol has a promised payment of 6 pounds per 100 pounds notional. This consol is now traded at 150 pounds. What it the current yield to maturity of the consol?


4. You observe that on today’s yield curve, the one year rate is R1=6% and the two year rate is R2=6.5%. What is the one year forward rate one year from now ?



5. A tech company can make a 3% real return on an investment. It can borrow funds to finance the investment at a nominal rate of 6% and the inflation rate is 1%. Hence:




6. If expected inflation is less than actual inflation, then wealth will be redistributed from:



7. The market capitalization of a company provides information on:



8. Which of the following are true for stock splits ? (check all that apply)



9. A rationale for preferred stock:



10. The Pecking Order Theory indicates that firms prefer _______ financing to _______ financing.



11.If the company I invest in issues a stock dividend at 5%, the value of my original shares are ___________ by a factor ___________. I am ___________ since I have an additional ___________ of value in the new shares.


12. Which one of the following statements is correct?


13. A company whose stock is selling at a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio that is greater than the P/E ratio of the market most likely has:An anticipated earnings growth rate which is less than that of the average traded firm within the market.



14. What are the main implications of John Lintner’s dividend model?



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