Financial Markets Coursera week 5 Quiz

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Lesson #12 Quiz


1. What is the effect of traders storing grain to wait for higher prices?


2. In commodities trading, what is the role of forwards and futures?


3. When an investor uses margin to buy or sell securities, how are the securities paid for?


4. What is the primary purpose of purchasing futures if they are rarely delivered?


5. What often happens to futures at the time of the crop for commodities with a specific well-defined harvest window?


6. How is it possible to have a future based on the S&P500?


7. What is the fair value of a futures contract with a storage cost of 3%, an interest rate of 5%, and a spot price of $1000 over a 1 year time period?


8. How can you determine whether a future is in backwardation or contango?


9. What is the Federal Funds Futures Market?


Lesson #13 Quiz


1. What are the two types of options?


2. Why do some stock options have an exercise price which is more than the cost of the stock?


3. Which of the following is NOT a behavioral reason why people buy options?


4. Are mortgages in the US similar to options from the perspective of the homeowner?


5. What is the put-call parity relationship?


6. What is a stop-loss order?




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