Lithium has three electrons in a neutral lithium atom. Two of them are in the 1s orbital while the remaining one is in the 2s orbital. The electronic configuration of lithium is 1s2, 2s1. The 1st ionization is energy is very low 520.2 kJ/mol. The valence electron can be lost easily. The innermost electrons are very hard to remove. The 2nd electron removal required 7298.1 kJ/mol while the 3rd need 11815.0 kJ/mol to remove.

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How many protons does lithium have?

Lithium has protons. It has three electrons and 4 neutrons. Electronic configuration [He] 2s1. Electronegativity is 0.98. It has an atomic number 3. Lithium atomic mass is 6.94 amu. It can be found in the first group and second period of the periodic table. The melting point is 453.65 K ?(180.50 °C, ?356.90 °F) while the boiling point is 1603 K ?(1330 °C, ?2426 °F). Solid at room temperature. It was discovered by Johan August Arfwedson in 1817. It has two stable isotopes Lithium-6 and Lithium-7.