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Question 1
Based on the readings and the lectures, a claim is:

1 point

  • the logical connection that your audience must make in order
    to understand your argument.
  • a statement that you want the audience to accept as valid.
  • the most important piece of evidence in the argument.
  • the assertion you don’t have
    support for.

Question 2
Read this short argument from a person arguing for city action at a council meeting:

“We should build a separate bike lane on 15th Ave because
the current road is dangerous to bicyclists. Currently, bicyclists like myself
can’t get to work on time. I end up having to rush and might lose my job due to
chronic tardiness.”

There are lots of problems with
this from an argument standpoint. Select the most pressing problem.

1 point

  • The speaker doesn’t present statistics
    in support of their claim.
  • The arrangement is confusing.
  • The phrasing is too wordy.
  • The support doesn’t relate to the

Question 3
Based on the lectures, select the most appropriately arranged

1 point

Topic: The history of Seattle

I. The Duwamish tribe in the 1700s

II. The first permanent European
settlement in 1852

III. The great fire of 1889

IV. The bust era of the 1970s

V. Seattle in 2016

Topic: The history of Seattle

I. Early Seattle before European

II. The founding of Seattle and
early growth (1852-1914)

III. Seattle as a stable timber and
aerospace town (1917-1980)

IV. The tech industry kicks off another
growth spurt (1990-today)

Topic: The history of Seattle

I. Early Seattle until the first
European settlers (1600-1852)

II. Key events in pre-war Seattle

III. The inter-war years

IV. Seattle goes to war (1942-1945)

IV. The values of a modern port

VI. The role of religion in Seattle

Question 4
Rewrite this claim for conciseness. “It is essential that
students of MOOCs often engage the lectures more by taking notes while
participating and watching the videos.”

1 point
What do you think?
Your answer cannot be more than 10000 characters.

It is good for student

Question 5
Look at this basic argument.

Topic: Online education will never replace traditional

I. Only traditional universities offer
student services like mentoring, certification, and social networking

II. Online education doesn’t allow
students to get to know their professors

Based on the lectures, the biggest problem with the main points below would be that the two points:

1 point

  • don’t feel balanced with one another (a coordination problem).
  • don’t both work to advance the topic. (a subordination problem).
  • cover the same topics and thus overlap too much (a
    discreteness problem).



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