Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coursera Week 2 Quiz

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Week 2

Graded Quiz


1. What would be a mistake in empathic listening?


2. Shyam is a project leader. He has just come out of a conversation with one of the members of his team. As you are a close colleague, he shares with you the details of his dialogue session with his team member. Which of the following will convince you that he has practiced empathic listening?


3. Which of the following statements will you DISAGREE with?


4. You are a project leader. Rita has recently joined your project team. She comes to you with a very good suggestion for enhancing the effectiveness of the project. You can see that she is excited and enthusiastic about the idea. Even as you are listening to her idea, you think of a minor extension of that proposal that is likely to enhance the quality of the idea a little more. What, according to Marshall Goldsmith, should you say?


5. Rao and Reshma were key members of a project team headed by Freida. Rao was technically competent and understood the project requirements very well, but lacked self-confidence. Reshma, on the other hand, was very confident, but lacked technical experience and expertise. As Freida was required to take over another project immediately, Rao was selected as project leader, but Freida continued to devote 20 % of her time to this project. After 5 to 6 weeks of taking charge, Rao begins to feel that he requires some help with his leadership style as the project is getting behind schedule. Freida decides to coach him using a facilitative style. Which of the following is the most appropriate approach?


6. In NASA, on one hand, the “tiger team” in Apollo 13 manned Moon landing mission achieved stupendous performance; on the other hand, the Debris Assessment Team of the Columbia mission made disastrous decisions that killed seven astronauts. Based on the experiences of these two groups, which of the following is NOT the RIGHT thing for a team leader to do?


7. The lab and the operations personnel had endless interpersonal problems. There was large number of requests for tests in the morning, but the lab was required to calibrate their instruments first thing in the morning. The calibration took an hour, and during this period, there was a pile-up of samples causing frayed tempers all around. The new leader shifted the calibration of instruments to the night shift when the workload was much lighter. As a result, at the peak morning time, the calibrated instruments were all ready to churn out results. With this change, the interpersonal problems practically disappeared. How would you analyze the situation from GRPI framework?


8. For effective delegation, the well-known author Marshall Goldsmith recommends that we set up a dialogue session with each of the direct reports. Among the options given below, which would be a wrong question to ask a direct report to enhance delegation?


9. On your project, you have four team members. Payal and Pritam are old hands, while Anwar and Aparna have little work experience and so less skilled. As the scope of the project has been significantly increased, you have decided to delegate some of your responsibilities so that you can attend to the new complexities that have arisen. As you progress through with the delegation, which one of the following statements will you DISAGREE with?


10. Your colleague has entrusted a part of the project to Jose. Jose supervises three members, and has been having some difficulties with delegation. Your colleague mentions to you that she plans to coach Jose on how to delegate successfully. Which of the following delegation guidelines that your colleague has jotted down, would you disagree with?





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