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Peer-graded Assignment: Reflect on the Rewirement Challenge


Prompt 1. State the rewirement you chose to practice and why why you picked it – perhaps it was something you were meaning to try for a while or perhaps the scientific research discussed in lecture was particularly compelling. Explain why you thought the behavior would fit into your life. (1-3 sentences)




Gratitude - (List and/or Visit) -  I want To express gratitude for the people and things in my life




Prompt 2. Describe how you socially committed to your chosen rewirement. Who did you talk to about your 4 week challenge? Were you specific about what you planned to accomplish? (1-3 sentences)



I have begun conversing with individuals as opposed to sitting alone and watching films and television arrangement. presently I go out with my companions and partake in numerous occasions like games, extra cirricular exercises and so forth.

Prompt 3.  (1-3 sentences)




I began discussion face to face with individuals instead of talking on the web. this helped me to know and comprehend the individual better.


Prompt 4. List how many times you completed the activity in the past 4 weeks and compare that to how many times you planned on completing the behavior? State the tools you used to monitor your progress – did you use an app, a notebook, a calendar, or something else? If you’re willing to share, post a picture or document of your tracking system in the next prompt!(1-3 sentences)




first I used to converse with least individuals I can like I just had 2 companions now I have more gatherings and companions.



Prompt 5. Compare you happiness scores. Did your score change at all? Did your score go up, down, or stay the same? (1-2 sentences)




The score certainly expanded from 2 to 9.


Prompt 6. Describe the experience of trying to build a new habit. What were some triumphs? Some setbacks? How did you feel during the process and how do you feel now? (2-4 sentences)




It was hard for initial barely any days however bit by bit it worked out positively and I have numerous companions now.


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