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Week 2 Quiz


1.  This week, Professor Santos showed visual illusions to make a point about how humans think. The illusion below, the Ponzo Illusion, was left out. If you’re like most people you will see the line on the right as longer, even though the two red lines are the same length (Go ahead and measure them if you don’t believe it). The illusion works because the distance cues provided by black lines trick our brains into thinking that the right line is “further away” and should be bigger.


Which of the follow statements align with what Professor Santos covered in lecture? (Check all that apply)

  • Our minds strongest intuitions are often wrong
  • Our minds always deliver accurate information to us
  • Knowing is half the battle
  • Knowing is not half the battle 


2. Considering the studies shown in lecture, which of the options below closely aligns with the comparison of PREDICTED emotions to ACTUAL emotions after receiving bad news like getting a bad grade or getting turned down for a job offer.

  • Neutral (Predicted),Neutral (Actual)
  •  Neutral (Predicted),Super Sad (Actual)
  •  Super Sad (Predicted),  Super Sad (Actual)
  •  Super Sad (Predicted),  Neutral (Actual)



3. True or False. After a certain point, people are content with their salary and do not aspire to make more money.

  • True
  • False



4. According to Sonja Lyubomirsky, what is the percentage breakdown of the factors that determine our general happiness?

  • 50% Genetic Setpoint, 50% Life Circumstances
  • 40% Genetic Setpoint, 60% Life Circumstances
  • 50% Genetic Setpoint, 10% Life Circumstances, and 40% Our Intentional Actions and Thoughts
  • 50% Genetic Setpoint, 40% Life Circumstances, and 10% Our Intentional Actions and Thoughts



5.True or False. The past several decades of economic development has made the inhabitants of the US much better off and has consequently lead to a drastic improvement in life satisfaction over the years.

  • True
  • False



6. Did you do your rewirements this week? (Don’t worry, there is no wrong answer.)

  • Yes
  • No