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Week 4 Quiz

1.In a now-famous episode of the television show “Parks and Recreation,” the characters Tom and Donna explain how they spend one day of the year “treating themselves.” According to them, it’s the best day of the year (you can watch the clip here ). The GIFs below show Donna explaining different things she buys to treat herself on “Treat Yo’Self Day.”

Based on what you learned this week, which TWO of these items would allow Donna to treat herself in a way that thwarts hedonic adaptation.

[EPISODE CREDIT: “Pawnee Rangers.” Parks and Recreation. NBC, 2011. Season 4, Episode 4, written by Alan Yang. Show created by Greg Daniels and Michael Shur.]

  • Clothes
  • Massages
  • Mimosas (a beverage)
  • Fine Leather Goods



2.Which of the activities below enhance savoring which is the act of stepping outside of an experience to review and appreciate it? (Check two options that apply)

  • A) Being fully absorbed in the moment
  • B) Brainstorming ways the experience could be better
  • C) Considering how to share the experience with others later
  • D) Telling yourself you don’t deserve this good experience



3. Which of the activities below helps thwart your hedonic adaptation?

  • A) Thinking about how you met your significant other
  • B) Thinking about how you might not have met your significant other
  • C) Thinking about how much time you have left of [college]
  • D) Thinking about how little time you have left of [college]
  • A & C
  • B & D



4.Completing a gratitude visit where you write a letter thanking someone who has not been properly thanked and deliver the letter to that person can have positive effects on subjective well-being for which range of time?

  • Up to 1 day
  • Up to 1 week
  • Up to 1 month
  • There is no positive effect of a gratitude visit on well-being



5.True or False. People tend to enjoy watching a continuous television program more than watching a disrupted program broken up by commercials.

  • True
  • False



6. Did you do your requirements this week? (Don’t worry, there is no wrong answer.)

  • Yes
  • No