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Week- 4

Learning Perspective


Question 1
Select the most appropriate word missing in the sentence below.

(______) as the process of :

– Identifying and understanding the complex cause-and-effect relationship between critical factors in operations.

– Generating operations knowledge based on that understanding.

– Applying the knowledge to solving problems in operations to enhance the operations performance.

– Gathering and analyzing the outcomes of problem solving.

– Systemizing the analysis results to further improve the capability of identifying and understanding the cause-and-effect relationship.

1 point

  • Operations learning
  • R&D
  • Procurement
  • Order fulfillment
  • Supply chain management

Question 2
Select the most appropriate word missing in the sentence below.

(______) means that the organization tries to fix the symptoms without tackling more fundamental causes of the problem.

1 point

  • Double-loop learning
  • Action learning
  • Single-loop learning
  • Dynamic learning
  • Integrated learning

Question 3
Which CONCEPT is the most related with the words below.

– Problem solving

– Long-term oriented

– Fixing root causes

– Fundamental

1 point

  • Single-loop learning
  • Double-loop learning
  • Integrated learning
  • Action learning
  • Dynamic learning

Question 4
True or False

To make better performance, a company should direct its effort to only double-loop learning.

1 point

  • True
  • False

Question 5
Select the most appropriate word missing in the sentence below.

(_______) is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights.

1 point

  • Supply Chain
  • Bureaucratic organization
  • Learning organization
  • Sales department
  • Traditional organization

Question 6
Which is NOT included in the building blocks for learning organizations?

1 point

  • Low level of external communication
  • Experimentation with new approaches
  • Systematic problem solving
  • Learning from their own experience and past history
  • Learning from the experiences and best practices of others

Question 7
Fill in the blank.

1 point

  • Infrastructure
  • System objectives
  • Learning propensity
  • Investment
  • Top management

Question 8
Select the most appropriate word missing in the sentence below.

“Stage of Learning”

(_______) –> Behavioral –> Performance improvement

– It means that members of the organization are exposed to new ideas, expand their knowledge, and begin to think differently.

1 point

  • Cognitive
  • Reactive
  • Investment
  • Feedback
  • Observing



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