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Week- 6

New Product Innovation


Question 1
Which is the least relevant statement to ‘New Product Innovation’?

1 point

  • Value life cycle refers integration of NPI and SCM.
  • NPI is essential condition for sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Reducing the NPI lead-time is one of key success factors in time-based competition.
  • Fast NPI is important in achieving competitive advantage.
  • NPI is not related with service industry.

Question 2
Which method is NOT for reducing the project (e.g., new product development) lead-time?

1 point

  • Flexible NPD process
  • Cross-functional team
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Sequential approach

Question 3
Select the most appropriate word missing in the sentence below.

Under (______), the company starts the design stage even before it completes the concept development stage. Similarly, building a prototype can start before the design or even before the concept stage is done.

1 point

  • Cross-functional approach
  • Sequential approach
  • Just in time
  • Traditional approach
  • Total quality management

Question 4
True or False

Flexible new product innovation process is always beneficial in any condition. Therefore, the company should try to take it for competitive advantage.

1 point

  • False
  • True

Question 5
Which is NOT one of the advantages of flexible new product innovation approach?

1 point

  • Reducing risk exposure period
  • Reducing communication load
  • Improving problem solving capability
  • Improving product quality
  • Reducing the product lead-time

Question 6
Which is NOT one of the disadvantages of flexible new product innovation approach?

1 point

  • Increasing resource waste
  • Increasing employee exhaustion
  • Increasing communication load
  • Increasing accountability
  • Increasing coordination cost

Question 7
When is it better to use the CFT approach?

1 point

  • A
  • B

Question 8
Select the most appropriate word missing in the sentence below.

“Three Stages of Change”

1 point

  • Structural support
  • Penalty
  • Restructuring process
  • Infrastructural support
  • Incentive alignment





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