The following are some of the application of Antimony and its compounds.


  1. Used as Catalyst and stabilizer:

Antimony is used as a stabilizer in polyethylene terephthalate production.


  1. Fining Agent:

Antimony is used as a fining agent in glass for removing bubble of oxygen. It is used mostly in the preparation of TV screens.


  1. Semiconductors:

It is increasingly used in semiconductors as a dopant mostly in extrinsic semiconductors. It is also used in n-p-n alloy junction transistors and Indium antimonide is used in infrared detectors and Hall-effect devices.


  1. Biology and Medicine:

Antimony is used in drugs like anti protozoan drugs. Potassium antimonyl tartrate was once used as an anti-schistosomal drug. Meglumine antimoniate is used for leishmaniasis in domestic animals.


  1. Used in alloys:

Antimony form a useful alloy with lead. The antifriction alloys  (Babbitt metal) of Antimony is used in lead shot, electrical cable sheathing and bullets.


  1. Flame retardants:

Trioxide Antimony is used in flame-proofing compounds sometimes with halogenated flame retardants.

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What is the symbol for antimony?


The symbol for antimony is Sb (from Latin: stibium).


How many neutrons does antimony have?


There are 71 neutrons in the Antimony atom (average) but this number change with isotope. The different isotope has different neutron numbers. For example, Antimony has two stable naturally occurring isotopes. Sb-121 has 70 neutrons and Sb-123 has 72 neutrons.


How many protons does antimony have?


The atomic number (Z) of Antimony is 51. There are 51 protons in an electrically neutral atom of antimony.