It is a chemical element that has an atomic number 47. It has a relative atomic mass of 107.868 g/mol and it is represented by the symbol Ag (from the Latin Argentum). In the periodic table, it is found in period 5 and group 11. It is long been valued as a precious metal. It is a soft lustrous white metal. It has the highest thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. At STP it is solid and its density is 10.49 g/cm3. Its melting point is 1234.93 K ?(961.78 °C, ?1763.2 °F) and its boiling point is 2435 K ?(2162 °C, ?3924 °F).

Its electronegativity is 1.93 (Pauling scale) and its oxidation states are −2, −1, +1, +2, +3. There are two stable isotopes of silver Ag-107 and Ag-109. Ag-107 is the most abundant isotope of silver with an abundance of 51.839%. Twenty-eight radioisotopes of silver have been identified. It is used by humans since the prehistoric times so, there is no record of who discovered or isolated. Humans are using it since 5000 BC.

There is an average abundance of 0.08 parts per million in Earth's crust of silver. Silver is found in sulfide ores and sometimes it is combined with other metals. The main ores of silver are chlorargyrite, acanthite, and argentite. It is also found in ores of copper, nickel, and zinc.

Major world producers of silver are Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Australia, Poland, and Argentina. Tajikistan is known to have the largest silver deposits.

It has a wide range of uses, some of the following are.

 Silver diammine fluoride is a medication that is used to prevent cavities and relieve dentinal hypersensitivity.

Silver sulfadiazine is used as an antibiotic coating for wound dressings.

Silver is a good catalyst for oxidation reactions such as the Dehydrogenation of methanol to formaldehyde and the dehydrogenation of isopropanol to acetone.

Nanosilver particles are used in conductive inks for printed electronics.

It is used as E174 in some Pakistani and Indian traditional foods as a thin foil by the name ''vark''.

Silver halides are used in Photochromic lenses.

It is used in Jewellery and silverware.

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What is a silver alert?


It is a public notification in the United States. It broadcast information about missing persons especially those senior citizens with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and other mental disabilities. The system helps to locate them.

The system uses a wide range of media outlets such as television stations, commercial radio stations, and cable television.  Approximately six in ten dementia victims wander off at least once in a lifetime. The growing US elderly population is the reason to support and locate them. This system can be used for children who are missing.


What is colloidal silver?


Colloidal silver (silver particles suspended in liquid) contains silver salts. It was used by physician in the 20th century but it uses decrease with the discovery of antibiotics since the 1940s, The market promotion of Colloidal silver claims that it is a good source of as a dietary supplement and it can treat numerous diseases such as tuberculosis, herpes, HIV/AIDS,  cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. But there is no medical evidence that supports these claims. Silver is not an essential mineral for humans so there is no such thing as a silver deficiency. In 1999 the United States, FDA banned Colloidal silver.


Who discovered the element silver?


There are seven metals which are known since antiquity. These are called metals of antiquity which include silver. These metals were used since prehistoric times. The prehistoric humans use it and its discovery lost in history. It is believed that it was discovered before 5000 BC. So it is hard to find such old history silver.