1. CLR is the .NET equivalent of _________.

A. Java Virtual Machine

B. Common Language Runtime

C. Common Type System

D. Common Language Specification

Ans:  A


2. The CLR is physically represented by an assembly named _______.

A. mscoree.dll

B. mcoree.dll

C. msoree.dll

D. mscor.dll

Ans:  A


3. SOAP stands for __________.

A. Simple Object Access Program

B. Simple Object Access Protocol

C. Simple Object Application Protocol

D. Simple Object Account Protocol

Ans:  B


4. The ____ language allows more than one method in a single class.

A. C#

B. J#

C. C++

D. C

Ans:  A


5. In C#, a subroutine is called a ________.

A. Function

B. Metadata

C. Method

D. Managed code

Ans:  C


6. All C# applications begin execution by calling the _____ method.

A. Class()

B. Main()

C. Submain()

D. Namespace

Ans:  B


7. A _______ is an identifier that denotes a storage location.

A. Constant

B. Reference type

C. Variable

D. Object

Ans:  C


8. _________ are reserved, and cannot be used as identifiers.

A. Keywords

B. literal

C. variables

D. Identifiers

Ans:  A


9. Boxing converts a value type on the stack to an ______ on the heap.

A. Bool type

B. Instance type

C. Class type

D. Object type

Ans:  D


10. The character pair ?: is a________________available in C#.

A. Unary operator

B. Ternary operator

C. Decision operator

D. Functional operator

Ans:  B


11.  In C#, all binary operators are ______.

A. Center-associative

B. Right-associative

C. Left-associative

D. Top-associative

Ans:  C


12. An _______ is a symbol that tells the computer to perform certain mathematical or logical manipulations.

A. Operator

B. Expression

C. Condition

D. Logic

Ans:  A


13. A _____ is any valid C# variable ending with a colon.

A. goto

B. Label

C. Logical

D. Bitwise

Ans:  B


14. C# has _______ operator, useful for making two way decisions.

A. Looping

B. Functional

C. Exponential

D. Conditional

Ans:  D


15. ________causes the loop to continue with the next iteration after skipping any statements in between.

A. Loop

B. Exit

C. Break

D. Continue

Ans:  D


16. An ____ is a group of contiguous or related data items that share a common name.

A. Operator

B. Integer

C. Exponential

D. Array

Ans:  D


17. Arrays in C# are ______ objects.

A. Reference

B. Logical

C. Value

D. Arithmetic

Ans:  A


18. Multidimensional arrays are sometimes called _______ Arrays.

A. Square

B. Triangular

C. Rectangular

D. Cube

Ans:  C


19. ______ parameters are used to pass results back to the calling method.

A. Input

B. Reference

C. Value

D. Output

Ans:  D


20. The formal-parameter-list is always enclosed in _______.

A. Square

B. Semicolon

C. Parenthesis

D. Colon

Ans:  C


21. _______ variables are visible only in the block they are declared.

A. System

B. Global

C. Local

D. Console

Ans:  C


22. C# does not support _____ constructors.

A. parameterized

B. parameter-less

C. Class

D. Method

Ans:  B


23. A structure in C# provides a unique way of packing together data of ______ types.

A. Different

B. Same

C. Invoking

D. Calling

Ans:  A


24. Struct’s data members are ____________ by default.

A. Protected

B. Public

C. Private

D. Default

Ans:  C


25. A _______ creates an object by copying variables from another object.

A. Copy constructor

B. Default constructor

C. Invoking constructor

D. Calling constructor

Ans:  A


26. The methods that have the same name, but different parameter lists and different definitions is called______.

A. Method Overloading

B. Method Overriding

C. Method Overwriting

D. Method Overreading

Ans:  A


27. The C# provides special methods known as _____ methods to provide access to data members.

A. Loop

B. Functions

C. Methods

D. Accessor

Ans:  D


28. When an instance method declaration includes the abstract modifier, the method is said to be an ______.

A. Abstract method

B. Instance method

C. Sealed method

D. Expression method

Ans:  A


29. The theory of _____ implies that user can control the access to a class, method, or variable.

A. Data hiding

B. Encapsulation

C. Information Hiding

D. Polymorphism

Ans:  B


30. Inheritance is ______ in nature.

A. Commutative

B. Associative

C. Transitive

D. Iterative

Ans:  C


31. The point at which an exception is thrown is called the _______.

A. Default point

B. Invoking point

C. Calling point

D. Throw point

Ans:  D


32. In C#, having unreachable code is always an _____.

A. Method

B. Function

C. Error

D. Iterative

Ans:  C


33. C# treats the multiple catch statements like cases in a _____________ statement.

A. If

B. Switch

C. For

D. While

Ans:  B


34. C# supports a technique known as________, which allows a method to specify explicitly the name of the interface it is implementing.

A. Method Implementaion

B. Implicit Interface Implementation

C. Explicit Interface Implementation

D. Iterative Interface Implementation

Ans:  C


35. The reason that C# does not support multiple inheritances is because of ______.

A. Method collision

B. Name collision

C. Function collision

D. Interface collision

Ans:  B


36. _______ is a set of devices through which a user communicates with a system using interactive set of commands.

A. Console

B. System

C. Keyboard

D. Monitor

Ans:  A


37. Exponential formatting character (‘E’ or ‘e’) converts a given value to string in the form of _______.

A. m.dddd E+xxx

B. m.dddd

C. E+xxx

D. None of the above

Ans:  A


38. The ______ are the Graphical User Interface (GUI) components created for web based interactions..

A. Web forms

B. Window Forms

C. Application Forms

D. None of the above

Ans:  B


39. In Microsoft Visual Studio, ______ technology and a programming language such as C# is used to create a Web based application.


B. J#



Ans:  D


40. The controls available in the tool box of the ______ are used to create the user interface of a web based application.

A. Microsoft visual studio IDE

B. Application window

C. Web forms

D. None of the above

Ans:  A


41.The infrastructure that supports these dynamic operations at run time is called the__________.





Ans: D


42.The___________keyword is new to C# 4.0, and is used to tell the compiler that a variable's type can change or that it is not known until runtime.





Ans: B


43._______ methods are not supported for dynamic types.





Ans: D


44.myMobile.Accept(55, inReject: false); Above statement is an example of which new concept of C# 4.0?

A.Named Parameters

B.Optional Parameters



Ans: A


45.COM Interop is simplified in C#4.0 e.g.var doc = Application.GetDocument("MyFile.txt"); In above statement_______ keyword was essential in parameters of GetDocument() in previous versions of C#.





Ans: D


46.Covariance and Contravariance are new features introduced in C# 4.0.True/False?



Ans: B


47._________parameters allows you to give a method parameter a default value so that you do not have to specify it every time you call the method.





Ans: A


48.Duck typing is implemented by using_________ keyword.





Ans: A


49. Web Forms consists of a _______ and a _________ .

A. Template, Component


C. HTML Forms, Web services

D. Windows, desktop 

Ans: A


50. The ______ parentheses that follow _____ indicate that no information is passed to Main ().

A. Empty, class

B. Empty, submain

C. Empty, Main

D. Empty, Namespace

Ans: C




51. Is it possible to store multiple data types in System.Array?

A. Yes

B. No

Ans: B


52. What is the wild card character in the SQL "like" statement?

A. * (Asterisk)

B. # (Pound)

C. % (Percent)

D. $ (Dollar)

Ans: C


53. Which of the following is the root of the .NET type hierarchy?

A. System.Object

B. System.Base

C. System.Root

D. System.Parent

Ans: A


54. C# doesnot support:

A. abstraction

B. polymorphism

C. multiple inheritance

D. inheritance

Ans: C


55. Your company uses Visual Studio.NET 2005 as its application development platform. You are developing an application using the .NET Framework 2.0. You are required to use a datatype that will store only numbers ranging from -32,768 to 32,767. Which of the following datatypes will you use to accomplish the task?

A. short

B. System.Int16

C. string

D. a and b

Ans: D


56. Which of the following jobs are NOT performed by Garbage Collector?

1.Freeing memory on the stack.

2.Avoiding memory leaks.

3.Freeing memory occupied by unreferenced objects.

4.Closing unclosed database collections.

5.Closing unclosed files.

(A) 1, 2, 3

(B) 1, 4, 5

(C) 3, 5

(D) 3, 4

Ans: B


57. Which of the following statements is correct about Managed Code?

A. Managed code is the code that runs on top of Windows.

B. Managed code is the code that is written to target the services of the CLR.

C. Managed code is the code where resources are Garbage Collected.

D. Managed code is the code that is compiled by the JIT compilers.

Ans: B


58. How does assembly versioning in .NET prevent DLL Hell?  

A. The runtime checks to see that only one version of an assembly is on the machine at any one time.

B. The compiler offers compile time checking for backward compatibility.

C. .NET allows assemblies to specify the name AND the version of any assemblies they need to run.

D.  It doesn.t.

Ans: C


59. Which of the following is/are not types of arrays in C#?

A. Single-Dimensional

B. Multidimensional

C. Jazzed arrays

D. Jagged arrays

Ans: C


60. A variable which is declared inside a method is called a________variable

A. Local

B. Private

C. Static

D. Serial

Ans: A


61. Two methods with the same name but with different parameters.

A. Overloading

B. Multiplexing

C. Duplexing

D. Loading

Ans: A


62. Which file contains configuration data for each unique URl resource used in project?

A. web.config

B. global.asax

C. webapplication.vsdisco

D. assemblyinfo.cs

Ans: A


63. Features of Read only variables

A. Declaration and initialization is separated

B. It is allocated at compile time

C. It is allocated at runtime

D. all of the above

Ans: D


64. Different ways a method can be overloaded in C#.NET

A. Different parameter data types

B. Different order of parameters

C. Different number of parameters

D. All of above

Ans: D


65. Is it possible to change the value of a variable while debugging a C# application?

A. Yes

B. No

Ans: A


66. Which of the following constitutes the .NET Framework?

1. ASP.NET Applications

2. CLR

3. Framework Class Library

4. WinForm Applications

5. Windows Services

(A) 2, 5

(B) 2, 1

(C) 2, 3

(D) 3, 4

Ans: C


67. Which of the following statements is correct about the C#.NET program given below?

namespace PskillsConsoleApplication


    class Baseclass


        int i;

        public Baseclass(int ii)


            i = ii;

            Console.Write("Base "); 



    class Derived : Baseclass


        public Derived(int ii) : base(ii)


            Console.Write("Derived ");



    class MyProgram


        static void Main(string[ ] args)


            Derived d = new Derived(10);




A. The program will report an error in the statement base(ii).

B. The program will work correctly if we replace base(ii) with base.Baseclass(ii).

C. The program will output: Base Derived

D. The program will work correctly only if we implement zero-argument constructors in Baseclass as well as Derived class.

Ans: C


68. Managed methods will be marked as ------------ in MSIL code

A. mscorjit

B. cil

C. dgclr

D. None

Ans: B


69. Identify which is true

A. DataView ia subset of row and not columns

B. find can be done only on sorted columns

C. Sorting can be done on multiple columns

D. None of these

Ans: A


70. Which of the following .NET components can be used to remove unused references from the managed heap?

A. Class Loader

B. Garbage Collector



Ans: B

71. A local variable

A. Can be used anywhere in the program 

B. Is declared within a method 

C. Must accept a class 

D. Represent a class object 

Ans: b


72. An instance variable

A. is an object of a class 

B. represents an attribute of an object 

C. is a method of a class 

D. a and c 

Ans: b


73. Private Button print = new button();

A. creates a button control 

B. initializes a button control 

C. instantiates button control 

D. a and b 

E. a and c 

Ans: e


74. An instance method

A. Represents the behavior of an object 

B. Represents the attribute of an object 

C. Represents another class 

D. a and b

Ans: a


75. A Constructor

A. is used to create objects 

B. must have the same name as the class it is declared within 

C. is a method of a class 

D. maybe overloaded 

E. b and c 

F. all of the above 

Ans: e


76. class Test: Form { }

A. Creates the class Test : Form 

B. Creates the class Test that inherits the class Form 

C. Creates the class form that inherits the class Test 

D. a and b 

Ans: b


77. A variable declared inside a method is called a________variable

A. Static 

B. Private 

C. Local 

D. Serial 

E. b and d 

Ans: c


78. Defining two methods with the same name but with different parameters is called.

A. Loading 

B. Overloading 

C. Multiplexing 

D. Duplexing 

Ans: b


79. Find any errors in the following BankAccount constructor: Public int BankAccount() { balance = 0; }

A. Name 

B. Formal parameters 

C. Return type 

D. No errors 

Ans: c


80. In the body of a method, C# uses the variable named_____to refer to the current object whose method is being invoked

A. call 

B. this 

C. do 

D. that

Ans: b


81.String mystring; Creates a(n)

A. class 

B. Constructor 

C. Object 

D. a and b 

Ans: c


82. An Event is

A. The result of a users action 

B. result of a party 

C. code to force users action 

Ans: a


83. A delegate defines

A. a Wahsington representative 

B. a class that encapsulates methods 

C. a means of passing arrays into methods 

D. a substitue for an inherited method 

Ans: b


84. Is it possible to pass methods as arguments for other methods without modification.

A. True 

B. False 

Ans: a


85. All interfaces must contain IDrivable

A. True 

B. False 

Ans: b


86. What is the proper header for a class that intends to use an interface.

A. class MyClass IFace 

B. class MyClass ; IFace 

C. class MyClass : IFace 

D. class MyCalss {IFace} 

E. class MyCalss(IFace) 

Ans: c


87. In order for a class to use an interface, it must

A. inherit the properties of the interface 

B. contain the same methods as the interface 

C. create an interface objects 

D. a and b 

E. all of the above 

Ans: e


88. Every class directly or indirectly extends the______class.

A. System 

B. Object 

C. Drawing 

D. Console 

Ans: b


89. The concept of composition specifies that you can.

A. Compose good code with C# 

B. Compose C# projects with different objects 

C. Reduce errors by remaining composed during programming 

D. all of the above 

Ans: b


90. Polymorphism occurs when the methods of the child class.

A. Override the parent class methods but maintain the implementation 

B. Maintain the same return type and arguments as the parent class, but implement it differently 

C. Have different return types and arguments than the parent class 

D. Are Virtual 

Ans: b


91. To output the value of multidimensional array, Console.WriteLines(___)

A. myArray[1][3]; 

B. myArray[1.3]; 

C. myArray{1}{3}; 

D. myArray(1),(3); 

Ans: a


92. All methods in an abstract base class must be declared abstract.

A. True 

B. False 

Ans: b


93. Methods that are declared abstract in the base class must show implementation at the time of declaration.

A. True 

B. False 

Ans: b


94. The code public class B : A { }

A. Defines a class that inherits all the methods of A 

B. Defines a class that inherits the public and protected methods of A only 

C. Errors 

D. a and b 

Ans: b


95. Assuming that public class B : A { public B(int i) :base(i) { } } compiles and runs correctly, what can we conclude about the constructors in the class A?

A. One constructor takes an argument of type i 

B. There is only a default constructor 

C. One constructor takes an arguments of the type int 

D. False 

Ans: b


96. Classes declared with the sealed keyword cannot be base class.

A. True 

B. False 

Ans: a


97. A method_____an exception when that method detects that a problem has occured.

A. Trys 

B. Catches 

C. Throws 

D. a and b 

Ans: c


98. Exception objects are derived from the class.

A. Try 

B. Catch 

C. Exception 

D. Event 

E. System 

Ans: c


99. An abstract class

A. may contain instance variables 

B. may contain constructors 

C. may extend another class 

D. a and b 

E. all of the above 

Ans: e


100. A____block enclose the code that could throw an exception.

A. Try 

B. Catch 

C. Exception 

D. Error 

E. a and b 

Ans: a