Epidemiology: Successful Career Development Coursera Week 2

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Week- 2

Test Your Knowledge!


1. This form of mentoring matches a group of professionals with a group of people in a structured setting.


2. This type of mentoring is a way of receiving reciprocal benefits,as in a transactions.


3. Win-win is a key idea for mentoring.


4. The following can be considered mentors.


5. Good communication and ___________ of expectations in a mentoring relationship is very important.


6. Confidentiality could be considered an expectation in a mentoring relationship.


7. A mentor should regularly ask for:


8. After your relationship has ended as mentor, you should:


9. Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership — starting with a golden circle and the most important question of _________.


10. In the video, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”, Simon Sinek states that this company does a good job of asking “why”:




Mentor Found!


1. Mentoring is: sharing, and letting the other make their own decisions. It’s more than a relationship in which knowledge is passed from one to the other, mentor to mentee.


2. Which of the following are characteristics of mentoring?


3. What are considered key ideas for mentoring?


4. _________ is the traditional model of mentoring where the mentor is paired with the mentee.


5. ______________ is when one or two volunteers build a relationship with a group through regular meetings.


6. ____________ is a mentoring philosophy.





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