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Week- 2

Test Your Knowledge!


1. This form of mentoring matches a group of professionals with a group of people in a structured setting.


  • Team.
  • One-to-one.
  • Group.
  • Family.

2. This type of mentoring is a way of receiving reciprocal benefits,as in a transactions.


  • Team mentor.
  • Corporate citizen.
  • Pragmatic mentor.
  • Friendly mentor.

3. Win-win is a key idea for mentoring.


  • True
  • False.

4. The following can be considered mentors.


  • Peer.
  • Parent.
  • Teacher.
  • Coach.
  • All of the above.

5. Good communication and ___________ of expectations in a mentoring relationship is very important.


  • Clarifications.
  • Political views.
  • Not being open.

6. Confidentiality could be considered an expectation in a mentoring relationship.


  • True.
  • False.

7. A mentor should regularly ask for:


  • Money.
  • Feedback.
  • A one way conversation.

8. After your relationship has ended as mentor, you should:


  • Take some time to reflect.
  • Quit being a mentor.
  • Stop talking.

9. Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership — starting with a golden circle and the most important question of _________.


  • What.
  • Why.
  • How.
  • When.

10. In the video, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”, Simon Sinek states that this company does a good job of asking “why”:


  • Dell
  • Walmart
  • Apple



Mentor Found!


1. Mentoring is: sharing, and letting the other make their own decisions. It’s more than a relationship in which knowledge is passed from one to the other, mentor to mentee.


  • True
  • False

2. Which of the following are characteristics of mentoring?


  • Empowering
  • Support
  • Value
  • Motivation
  • All of the above.

3. What are considered key ideas for mentoring?


  • Guidance/Modeling
  • No trust/No patience
  • Unprofessional/ Bad Listener
  • Lose/Lose

4. _________ is the traditional model of mentoring where the mentor is paired with the mentee.


  • Team mentoring.
  • Open mentoring.
  • One-to-one.
  • Corporate citizen.

5. ______________ is when one or two volunteers build a relationship with a group through regular meetings.


  • Group mentoring.
  • One-to-one.
  • Closed mentoring.
  • Team mentoring.

6. ____________ is a mentoring philosophy.

  • Individual citizen.
  • Global citizen.
  • Un-master mentor.
  • Regular mentor.





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