The electronic configuration of the Beryllium element is 1s2, 2s2. This means there are two valence electrons in the outermost shell and two electrons are in the innermost shell. So, Beryllium has two valence electrons.

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How many protons does beryllium have?

Beryllium is represented with the symbol ''Be''. The atomic number (symbol Z) or proton number of the Beryllium is 4. There are 4 protons in Beryllium's nucleus.

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How many electrons does beryllium have?

Total there are 4 electrons in an electrically neutral Beryllium atom. The electronic configuration of Beryllium is 1s2, 2s2. Two electrons are accommodated in the 1s orbital while the remaining two are in the 2s orbital.

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How many neutrons does beryllium have?

Beryllium has 5 neutrons. But it does vary in isotopes of the element. For example, Beryllium has some 11 known isotopes in which just one is known to be stable Beryllium-9. All of these isotopes have different numbers of neutrons. Beryllium-9 (the only stable isotope) has 5 neutrons. Beryllium is also called a monoisotopic element.