Electron configuration of Fluorine is [He] 2s2 2p5. Fluorine has seven valency electrons. Two are two electrons in the 2s-orbital and five are in the 2p-orbital. overall fluorine has 9 electrons. Two are in the K-shell and seven are in the L-shell. 

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How many neutrons does fluorine have?

Fluorine has ten neurons. Fluorine has 17 different isotopes in which just one is stable the rest of them are radioisotopes. These isotopes are produced artificially they are synthetic isotopes. Fluorine-19 is the only naturally occurring stable isotope. Fluorine is also called a mononuclidic element or monoisotopic element.


How many electrons does fluorine have?

Electron configuration of fluorine is 1s2, 2s2, 2p5. There are 2 electrons in 1s orbital, 2 in 2s orbital and 5 electrons in the 2p orbital (Px, Py, and Pz). There are nine electrons in an electrically neutral fluorine atom.

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How many protons does fluorine have?

The atomic number (proton number) of fluorine is 9. There are nine protons in the nucleus of an electrically neutral atom of fluorine.