In this article you will learn What is the strongest intermolecular force, Intermolecular force, which intermolecular force is the strongest, what is the strong

Intermolecular force:

It is also called secondary force. It is the force of attraction (electromagnetic force of attraction or repulsion) between molecules, ions, or atoms. The intermolecular force of attraction is weak than the intramolecular force which is between atoms in a molecule. The intermolecular force of attraction is linked to many of the physical properties of substances. Such as pressure, Viscosity, volume and melting point, etc.

Intermolecular forces are divided into the following categories,

1. Hydrogen bonding

2. Dipole-dipole interaction

3.  London dispersion force

4 van der Waals force

These forces are weaker than the intermolecular forces (Covalent bonds, Ionic and metallic bonds).



What is the strongest intermolecular force?

The dissociation energy required for Hydrogen bonding is 4–50 (kJ/mol), for dipole-dipole is 2–8 (kJ/mol) for London Dispersion force is <4 to 63 (kJ/mol). This comparison is based on approximation and it did depend on the nature of the molecule and other bonds.