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Introduction to Philosophy Coursera week 1 Quiz

1. True or false: as a subject philosophy is unrelated to other subjects?

  • True
  • False


2. True or false: If a question or issue is philosophical, then it is important.

  • False
  • True


3.True or false: a valid argument is one in which the truth of its conclusion follows from the truth of its premises?

  • True
  • False



4.What does Hilary Putnam think is essential to doing good philosophy? (Tick all that apply.)

  • Vision
  • Argument
  • Humour
  • Ignoring the ‘Big-Picture’

Quiz: What is Philosophy?


1. How did we define philosophy in this week of the course?

  • It is the memorisation of philosophical arguments.
  • It is the activity of working out the best way to think about things.
  • It is sitting in an armchair



2.If we are doing the philosophy of physics which of the following would we be more likely to be interested in?

  • Constructing experiments to probe, recording observations of, and theorising about the fundamental physical aspects of reality.
  • Asking what it is to construct experiments to probe, record observations of, and theorise about the fundamental physical aspects of reality.



3.According to this week’s lecture, in what sense is philosophy fundamental?

  • We would die without it.
  • Whatever we are doing or thinking about we can always try to articulate and justify the assumptions behind that action or thought.
  • Its impossible to think or do anything without doing philosophy first.



4.Is the following argument sound: all men are mortal; the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was a man; therefore, Socrates was mortal?

  • Yes.
  • No.



5.What did David Hume think was the most important constraint on a philosophical theory?

  • It should discover the limits of language.
  • It should prove that God exists.
  • It should stay true to our experience of the world.
  • It should deduce all truths from philosophical speculation.



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