1. What does Matlab stand for? | MatLab Mcqs

a) Math Laboratory

 b) Matrix Laboratory 

c) Mathworks 

d) Nothing 

e) None of the above 

Ans: b


2. What symbol precedes all comments in Matlab? | MatLab Mcqs 

a) “ 

b) % 

c) // 

d) < 

e) none of the above 

 Ans: e


3. Which of the following is not a pre-defined variable in Matlab. | MatLab Mcqs 

a) pi 

b) inf

 c) i 

d) gravity 

e) j 

 Ans: d


4. This Matlab command clears all data and variables stored in memory: | MatLab Mcqs 

a) clc 

b) clear 

c) delete 

d) deallocate 

e) none of the above 

 Ans: b


5. Characters in Matlab are represented in their value in memory. | MatLab Mcqs 

a) decimal 


c) hex 

d) string 

e) none of the above 

Ans: b


6. Which is these is not an aspect of a for/while loop: | MatLab Mcqs 

a) update

 b) initialization 

c) runner 

d) condition 

e) all are aspects of loops  

Ans: c


7. To better manage memory and prevent unnecessary memory allocations, Matlab uses: | MatLab Mcqs 

a) vectors 

b) scalars 

c) matrix math 

d) delayed copy 

e) licenses  

Ans: d


8. To print a newline in a fprintf statement, you must use the following escape character: | MatLab Mcqs 

a) \t 

b) \nl

 c) \nxt 

d) \n

 e) none of the above 

 Ans: d


9. In Matlab, this keyword immediately moves to the next iteration of the loop: | MatLab Mcqs 

a) update 

b) goto 

c) continue 

d) break 

e) none of the above  

Ans: c


10. Which of the following will correctly define x, y, and z as symbols? | MatLab Mcqs 

a) sym (x, y, z) 

b) syms x y z 

c) syms x, y, z

 d) sym x, y, z 

e) none of the above  

Ans: b


11. Which of these is the way to access the first element in a vector named v (assuming there is at least one element in the vector)? | MatLab Mcqs 

a) v(0) 

b) v(1) 

c) v 

d) v(: , 0) 

e) none of the above   Ans: b


12. Which of the following is used to see if two elements are equal in MATLAB? | MatLab Mcqs

a) !=  

b) == 

c) isequal 

d) = 

e) none of the above 

Ans: b


13. If vector = [1 2 3 4; 11 24 92 100; 345 65 90 1]. What will the value of a be equal to if this code is entered into MATLAB >>[a b] = size (vector)? | MatLab Mcqs 

a) 1 2 3 4 

b) 12

 c) 1 

d) 4 

e) 3 

 Ans: e


14. What is the value of ans that is printed when the following code is run: isnumeric(32) | MatLab Mcqs 

a) 1

 b) 0

 c) 32 

d) yes 

e) true

Ans: a


15. If I want to save a formatted string to memory, but don’t want to print it out, which command should I use?  | MatLab Mcqs

a) fprintf


c) disp 

d) echo 

Ans: b



? ?a?=?(1:3)’ ?;??(a(1,2))’?

? returns??

a.? error?message?

b.? 1???

c.? 2?

d.? 1????2?

e.? none?of?above? 

Ans: a


17.?Executing?in?the?Command?Window?the?following?code?? ??a?=?ones(3,4)?;??b?=?a(4,3)??,?size(b);?

? returns??

a.? 1?

b.? -1?

c.? 1????1?

d.? error?message?

e.? none?of?the?above? 

Ans: d


18.?Executing?the?command?iskeyword size returns 0,?i.e.,?size is?not?a?MATLAB?keyword. Given?


? ?size?=?(1:3)’ ?;???size(size)?

a.? wrong?result?(i.e.,?at?least?one?of?the?commands?should?not?be?used?in?MATLAB)?

b.? 1????2?

c.? 2????1?

d.? 2????2?

e.? none?of?above?  Ans: a



? ??a?=?[1:2]’?;?size(a)?

? returns??

a.? error?message?

b.? 1????2?

c.? 2????1?

d.? 2?

e.? none?of?above? 

Ans: c



? ??a?=?1:2?;?size[a]?

? returns??

a.? error?message?

b.? 1????2?

c.? 2????1?

d.? 2?

e.? none?of?above? 



b.? m3,?3_m,?m_3,?aB??

c.? AA,?for,?a-b,?ab?

d.? AA,?BB,?m3,?a-B?

e.? none?of?above?  Ans: a




a.? Function?“clear”?clears?only?the?scalar?variables,?but?does?not?clear?arrays?

b.? Function?“clc”?clears?all?variables?

c.? Function?“clc”?clears?only?constants?

d.? Function?“clear?a”?clears?all?variables?of?the?type?“array”?

e.? None?of?the?above?

Ans: e



? A?=?eye(1,10)?;??size(A(2,2))?

? returns??

a.? 1?

b.? 0?

c.? error?message?

d.? 1????1?

e.? none?of?the?above? 

Ans: c



? A?=?[1:1:5;;2:1:6]?;??size(A)?

? returns??

a.? 2????5?

b.? 5????2?

c.? error?message?

d.? 3????5?

e.? none?of?the?above?  Ans: a

25.?Executing?the?command?iskeyword sin returns 0,?i.e.,?sin?is?not?a?MATLAB?keyword. Given?this?information,?which?of?the?following?statements?shows?the?result?of?executing,?in?the?Command?Window,?of?the?line???


a.? wrong?result?(i.e.,?at?least?one?of?the?commands?should?not?be?used)?

b.? 1?

c.? 1????5?

d.? i?

e.? none?of?above? 

Ans: c



a.? Function?“who”?returns?the?name?of?the?currently?logged?user?

b.? Function?“who”?returns?the?name?of?the?system?administrator?

c.? Function?“whos”?displays?the?user?IDs?for?all?accounts?on?the?computer?

d.? Function?“who”?displays?the?web?address?of?the?system?administrator?

e.? None?of?the?above? 

Ans: e







a.? 2????2??

b.? 3????1?

c.? 2????1?

d.? 1????3?

e.? none?of?above?  Ans: b







a.? 1.5?+?3?i?

b.? error?message??

c.? 3?+?1.5?i?

d.? -1.5?+?3?i?

e.? none?of?above? 

Ans: d







a.? error?message?

b.? -i??

c.? ?i?

d.? 1?-?1?i?

e.? none?of?above??

Ans: d



? ??y?=?a?+?b?,?a?=?2?;?b?=?sqrt(-4)?;?

? returns?


a.? 2?+?2?i?

b.? 2?-?2?i?

c.? error?message?

d.? NaN?

e.? none?of?the?above?

Ans: c



? ??x = [1:3.4; -6:3.5:0.5] ; size(x)?

? returns??

a.? error?message?

b.? 2?? ?2??

c.? 2?? 3?

d.? 3?? 3?

e.? none?of?the?above?  Ans: a


32.     To add a comment to the mfile, the MATLAB command is

A )  % 

B )  ; 

C )  comment(' ') 

D )  &

Ans: a


33.  When used in the fprintf command, the %g is used as the

A )  single character display 

B )  fixed point display 

C )  string notation display 

D )  default number display

Ans: d


34.  When used in the fprintf command, the \n is used to

A )  add a space between any two characters 

B )  add a line space (enter key) 

C )  place a number into the comment 

D )  clear the comment

Ans: b


35.  To display 'Question 2' in the command window, the correct command is

A )  disp(Question 2) 

B )  display('Question 2') 

C )  disp('Question 2') 

D )  Question 2

Ans: c


36.  The clc command is used to

A )  clear the command window 

B )  erase everything in the mfile 

C )  clean the desktop 

D )  save the existing mfile

Ans: a


37.  The num2str command

A )  converts a number to string 

B )  converts string to a number 

C )  concatenates numbers and strings 

D )  concatenates strings

Ans: a


38. The output of the last line is 



cat=['cat' as]


A )  cat2 

B )  cat 2 

C )  ??? Undefined function or variable 'as' 

D )  cat aa

Ans: a


39.  To join one or more strings into a single string is known as

A )  concatenation 

B )  joining 

C )  string conversion 

D )  string theory

Ans: a


40.   The output of

      cat=['cat'   'dog']


A )  catdog 

B )  cat dog 

C )  cat&dog 

D )  CatDog

Ans: a