1)  The spelling and grammar tool

   A.  Indicates grammatical errors

   B.  Corrects spelling errors as you type

   C.  Identifies words with capitalization problems

   D.  All of above

Ans: D


2)You can replace the text

   A.  Ctrl+H

   B.  Ctrl+R

   C.  Replace from Edit menu

   D.  Both a & b

Ans: D


3) The insertion point 

   A.  Provides features for changing margins, tabs, an indentations

   B.  Indicated the location where text line when necessary 

   C.  Is located under the standard toolbar and has shortcut buttons

   D.  Is located under the standard toolbar and shortcut buttons 

Ans: B


4)  When you want to view different parts of a document without moving the insertion point.

   A.  Use the previous page or next page buttons

   B.  Use the keyboard

   C.  Use the vertical and horizontal scroll bars 

   D.  Use the zoom button

Ans: C


5) Hyperlinks can be created between a Word document and

   A.  Another word document

   B.  A web page on the www

   C.  A web page on a company Internet

   D.  All of above 

Ans: D


6) You can insert the clip art from

   A.  From Insert choose Pictures then Clip Art

   B.  Choose Clip Art icon from Drawing toolbar

   C.  All of above

   D.  None of above

Ans: C


7) Which of the following cannot be done with document version?

   A.  Modifying a version

   B.  Deleting a version

   C.  Opening a version

   D.  None of above

Ans: D


8)  When you drag selected text you can

   A.  Delete text

   B.  Link text

   C.  Copy text

   D.  Move text

Ans: D


9) You can search in a word document for

   A.  Formatting

   B.  Special characters

   C.  Phrases

   D.  All of the above

Ans: D


10) You can add a date to a document by

   A.  Inserting a text date

   B.  Inserting a date field that will update automatically

   C.  Typing the date manually

   D.  All of the above

Ans: B


11) Right clicking on something in word

   A.  Delete the object

   B.  Nothing the right mouse button is there for left handed people

   C.  Opens the short-cut list

   D.  Insert the picture

Ans: C


12)We can create the new shortcut key from

   A.  Options from Tools menu

   B.  Customize from Tools menu

   C.  Properties from File menu

   D.  Auto Correct from Toolbars menu

Ans: B


13) The autocorrect tool

   A.  Provides statistics about your document

   B.  Displays words with the same or similar meaning

   C.  Checks the grammar in the document

   D.  Checks for misspelled words as you type and correct them as defined

Ans: D


14) Which key or key combination will move the insertion point to the bottom of your document?

   A.  Ctrl+End

   B.  PageDown

   C.  Ctrl+Home

   D.  End

Ans: A


15)To display hyperlink fields in a Word document, you can press the 

   A.  Ctrl+Shift+F9 key

   B.  Shift + F9

   C.  Ctrl+Alt key

   D.  None of above

Ans: D


16) When you have completely finished working with a document you should

   A.  Close it

   B.  Save it

   C.  Type it

   D.  Edit it

Ans: A


17) To cut or copy text you must first

   A.  Click the remove/duplicate button

   B.  First highlight the text and click the Copy or Cut command from edit menu

   C.  Click on File menu

   D.  None of above

Ans: B


18) How many items can you copy to the Office Clipboard

   A.  24

   B.  20

   C.  12

   D.  10

Ans: A


19)The command cross reference is available in

   A.  View menu

   B.  Format menu

   C.  Insert menu

   D.  Tools menu

Ans: C


20)We can send the word documents to

   A.  Microsoft PowerPoint

   B.  Microsoft Excel

   C.  Microsoft Access

   D.  All of above

Ans: A


21)  The default page orientation of word document is

   A.  Landscape

   B.  Portrait

   C.  Long sides

   D.  Double long side

Ans: B


22)You can print the documents

   A.  Print icon from Standard toolbar

   B.  Print command from File menu

   C.  Ctrl+P

   D.  All of the above

Ans: D


23) The thesaurus tool

   A.  Finds repeated words in document

   B.  Check for synonyms and antonyms

   C.  Identifies words with capitalization problems

   D.  All of the above

 Ans: B


24) To view smaller text on the screen you can

   A.  Decrease the font points

   B.  Decrease the zoom percentage

   C.  Increase the view percentage

   D.  Increase the editing percentage

Ans: B


25) Which of the following is not option for changing the case of the text?

   A.  Indent case

   B.  Sentence case

   C.  Toggle case

   D.  Lower case

Ans: A


26) The special characters Word inserts into your document is called

   A.  Removable character

   B.  Non-Printing character

   C.  Printing Character

   D.  Hidden character

Ans: B


27)The selection bar is

   A.  Below the title bar

   B.  To the far left of your document

   C.  Used to open other office applications

   D.  Located below the status bar in the word windows

Ans: B


28) The following toolbars are displayed in the word application window by default

   A.  Standard toolbar

   B.  Formatting toolbar

   C.  Drawing toolbar

   D.  All of the above

Ans: D


29)Italics allows you to emphasize text by

   A.  Adding a blinking background.

   B.  Slanting the text to the left

   C.  Placing the text above the baseline

   D.  Slanting the text to the right

Ans: D


30)  The select object browser button is located

   A.  In the lower left corner of the word screen

   B.  Below the vertical scroll bar

   C.  On the menu bar

   D.  On the formatting toolbars

Ans: B


31) You can move and copy text

   A.  Within a word document

   B.  Between office applications

   C.  Between word documents

   D.  All of above

Ans: D


32)Auto text entries

   A.  Can be deleted

   B.  Can be edited

   C.  Are saved with the normal template

   D.  All of above

Ans: D


33)The auto complete feature

   A.  Presents tip box with contents you can insert by pressing the enter key

   B.  Checks the style of the documents

   C.  Checks the readability of the document

   D.  Checks the spelling in the document

Ans: A


34)The Smart Cut and Paste option

   A.  Inserts a special symbols at the end of each document

   B.  Copies text in document without using clipboard

   C.  Adds or deletes space as needed when pasting text

   D.  All of above

Ans: C


35) You can insert an auto text entry

   A.  With the auto complete feature

   B.  With the F3 key

   C.  Auto text from insert menu

   D.  All of above

Ans: D


36) You can display the find and replace dialog box by using the 

   A.  Ctrl+G keys

   B.  F5 keys

   C.  Find And Replace Command on Edit menu

   D.  Select browser object button

Ans: C


37)Insert Hyperlinks icon is located on 

   A.  Standard toolbar 

   B.  Formatting toolbar

   C.  Drawing toolbar

   D.  WordArt toolbar

Ans: A


38)Which of the following command is available in Tools menu?

   A.  Auto text

   B.  Text direction

   C.  Bookmark

   D.  Auto Summarize

Ans: D


39)Bold, Italics, Underline, Justify is located on

   A.  Standard toolbar

   B.  Formatting toolbar

   C.  Drawing toolbar

   D.  WordArt toolbar

Ans: B


40) How can you display the hidden characters?

   A.  Click the show/hide button on the standard toolbar

   B.  Symbol from insert menu

   C.  Both of the above

   D.  None of the above

Ans: A


41)  To close the active documents, you can press

   A.  Ctrl+W

   B.  Ctrl+C

   C.  Ctrl+Shift+C

   D.  All of above

Ans: A


42) You can delete text by

   A.  Selecting the text and pressing the Ctrl key

   B.  Selecting the text and pressing the Delete key

   C.  Selecting the text and pressing the Alt+PageUp keys

   D.  Selecting the text and pressing the Exit key.

Ans: B


43) We can change the line spacing of documents from

   A.  Page Setup from File menu

   B.  Font from Format menu

   C.  Paragraph from Edit menu

   D.  Paragraph from Format menu

Ans: D


44) To save an existing document in a new file with a different location you

   A.  Save as

   B.  Save

   C.  Close

   D.  All of above

Ans: A


45) The clipboard is a 

   A.  Feature that automatically adds or deletes space when you paste text

   B.  Used to temporarily store items that have been cut or copied

   C.  A reserved place in the memory of the computer

   D.  Located below the status bar

Ans: B


46) When you create an auto text entry

   A.  You can save it with the current template

   B.  You should keep the name short

   C.  You must assign it a unique name

   D.  All of above

Ans: D


47)The word wrap features

   A.  Automatically move text to the next line when necessary

   B.  Appears at the bottom of the document

   C.  Allows you to type over text

   D.  Is the short horizontal line indicating the end of document

Ans: A


48)  The insert mode in MS Word means

   A.  You can highlight text

   B.  You can type over existing text

   C.  New text is placed in document at insertion point

   D.  None of above

Ans: C


49) The spike

   A.  Allows you to combine text from several document and then inserts all the text in one document at one time

   B.  Allows you to edit auto text entries

   C.  Allows you to format auto text entries

   D.  All of above

Ans: A


50) The drag and drop feature allows you to 

   A.  Switch from insert to over type mode

   B.  Move and copy text using the mouse

   C.  Move and copy text using the clipboard

   D.  Open a new document and drop it into the active document

Ans: B