Non Profit Organization Accounting Questions and Answers pdf

1. Final accounts of not-for-profit organisation includes

(a) receipt and payment account

(b) trading and profit and loss account

(c) income and expenditure account

(d) Both (a) and (c)

Ans. d

2. Receipt and payment account is a summary of

(a) income and expenses

(b) cash receipts and payments

(c) balances of various ledger accounts

(d) None of the above

Ans. b

3. Advance subscription received by a sports club will be shown

(a) on the liabilities side of the balance sheet

(b) on the credit side of income and expenditure account

(c) on the assets side of balance sheet

(d) on the debit side of income and expenditure account

Ans. a

4. Donations received for constructing a building are

(a) capital receipt

(b) revenue receipt

(c) capital expenditure

(d) revenue expenditure

Ans. b

5. The receipt and payment account is a .. account in nature.

(a) nominal 

(b) real

(c) personal

(d) None of these

Ans. b

6. Outstanding subscriptions are…… for a non-profit organisation.

(a) an income

(b) an asset

(c) an expense

(d) a liability

Ans. a

7. The income and expenditure account reveals

(a) surplus or deficiency 

(b) cash in hand

(c) capital fund

(d) Both (a) and (b)

Ans. a

8. “The surplus of non-profit organisations are distributed among members”. The above statement is

(a) Ralse

(b) True 

(c) Partly true

(d) Partly false

Ans. a

9. An amount or property received by a non-profit organisation as stated by the will of a deceased person is commonly referred to as

(a) endownment

(b) honorarium

(c) legacy

(d) donation

Ans. c

10. Investment in sinking fund by a non-profit organisation is alan

(a) liability 

(b) accumulated fund

(c) asset

(d) equity


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11. In non-profit accounting, sal. of old newspapers is generally considered as a/an  

(a) income

(b) expenses

(c) capital receipt

(d) None of these

Ans. a

12. Non profit organisations prepare all of the following accounts except the

(a) income and expenditure account

(b) receipt and payment account

(c) balance sheet

(d) income statement

Ans. d

13. The expenses of entertainment club exceed its income. This gives rise to

(a) surplus

(b) deficit

(c) profit

(d) loss

Ans. b

14. Advance rent paid by a non-profit organisation is

(a) an expense

(b) a linbility 

(c) an asset

(d) equity

Ans. c

15. Income and expenditure account is based on

(a) cash accounting 

(b) accrual accounting

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) Neither (a) nor (b)

Ans. b

16. Which of the following transaction will be recorded in income and expenditure account?

(a) Purchase of a fixed asset

(b) Capital expenditure incurred on a fixed asset

(c) Profit on the sale of foxed asset

(d) Receipts from saie of fixed asset

Ans. c

17. Honorarium is paid to honour a person who is not an employee of the organisation. Which of the following statements is true about honorarium payment?

(a) It is a capital expenditure

(b) It is a revenue expenditure

(c) It is not recorded in the books

(d) None of the above

Ans. b

18. Resources of a non-profit organisation’s unrestricted fund that have been set aside for a specific purpose by the Board of Directors of the organisation are accounted for in  

(a) unrestricted fund

(b) endowment fund

(c) restricted current fund

(d) annuity fund

Ans. c

19. The fund used to record resources contributed to non-profit organisation on the condition that the organisation pays a fixed periodic amount to a named individual for a fixed time period is

(a) loan fund

(b) prize fund

(c) endowment fund

(d) annuity fund

Ans. d

20. “A non-profit organisation is a legal and accounting entity that is operated for the benefit of society as a whole, rather than for the benefit of an individual propreitor or a group of partners or stakeholders”. The given statement is

(a) True

(b) False

(c) Partly true

(d) Partly false

Ans. a

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21. A not-for-profit organisation has all of the following characteristics, except that it will

(a) operate for purposes other than to provide goods or service at a profit

(b) have a positive fund balance

(c) not possess ownership interests like a corporation

(d) receive significant contributions from provides who do not expect returns

Ans. b

22. In accounting for private. not-for-profit organisations revenues and expenses are reported at amounts and gains and losses are reported at

(a) net. gross amounts

(b) gross, net

(c) gross, gross

(d) net, net

Ans. b

23. Match fund appears in the books at rs. 10,000. The match expenses amounted to rs. 6,800. A sum of rs .. to the income and expenditure account.

(a) 3.200, debited

(b) 10,000, credited

(c) 10.000, debited

(d) 3.200, credited will be

Ans. d

24. Credit balance in the income and expenditure account indicates excess of …. over

(a) expenditure, income

(b) cash income, cash expenses

(C) income, expenditure

(d) cash expenses, cash income

Ans. c

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25. Excess of income over expenditure is in the balance sheet. .capital fund

(a) added to

(b) deducted from

(c) not added to

(d) not deducted from

Ans. a

26. Expenditure of Get Well hospital is R 2,50,000 and surplus credited to capital fund is ? B0,000. Income of the hospital is

(a) rs. 3,30,000 

(b) rs.1,70.000

(c) rs. 250,000

(d) None of these

Ans. a

27. Capital fund of non-profit organisations represents

(a) excess of expenditure over income

(b) excess of income over expenditure

(c) equality between income and expenditure

(d) None of the above

Ans. b

28. Receipts and payments account does not show

(a) rent paid during the year

(b) rent received during the year

(c) outstanding rent

(d) prepaid rent

Ans. c

29. Where is ‘general donation received’ shown in the final accounts of non-profit organisations?

(a) Liabilities side of balance sheet

(b) Assets side of balance sheet

(c) Credit side of income and expenditure account

(d) Debit side of income and expenditure account

Ans. c

30. Where is specific donation received shown in the final accounts of not-for-profit organisations?

(a) Liabilities side of balance sheet

(b) Assets side of balance sheet

(c) Credit side of income and expenditure account

(d) Debit side of income and expenditure account

Ans. a