Quantitative Methods Coursera Answer

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Week- 1



1. Which example fits best with the concept of systematic observation?


2. A hypothesis must be:


3. What is the primary difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law?


4. In contrast to Plato, Aristotle asserts that:


5. All swans that have been observed are white colored swans. Therefore one can conclude that all swans are white.


6. According to logical positivism, the sentence “God exists” is meaningful only if:

1 point

7. A student wants to do a research project on a mother’s love for her child. How would a radical empiricist react to this idea?


8. The position that abstract concepts are merely words and that there is no independently accessible thing constituting the meaning of a word is known as


9. Which of these statements is true?


10. If you prepared a study on the effects of text-messaging rather than talking on the phone on the quality of friendships, you would be conducting




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