Quantitative Methods Coursera Week 6 Quiz

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Week- 6

Practice, Ethics & Integrity


1. The method section of a research report


2. In the codebook the researcher


3. Research integrity encompasses


4. A recent study in which Facebook users’ moods were manipulated has raised ethical concerns. In defense of the researchers someone states that the effect of the manipulation was minimal and that therefore very little harm was done. This statement pertains to


5. A researcher continues to believe in an effect regardless of strong evidence to the contrary. In addition, he refuses to respond to critique. This is an example of


6. Suppose you have conducted an experiment on 20 subjects. The results are disappointing in that the hypothesized difference between conditions is not significant (a p value of .08). Given this unfavorable result you decide to run 20 more subjects. This is a questionable research practice because


7. Published articles should ideally be


8. Proposed solutions to publication bias include



Peer-graded Assignment: Practice, Ethics & Integrity – Writing assignment (Creative)


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Practice, Ethics & Integrity – Writing assignment (Creative)


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