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week- 5



1. In directed imagery tasks participants listen to a particular scenario and are instructed to picture the situation, the people, and the events as clearly and as vividly as they can. A researcher could ask participants how realistic they found such scenarios in order to check


  • the external validity of the task
  • whether the use of an experimental setting that does not mirror reality precisely was justified
  • whether reactivity to the laboratory setting occurred

2. Strata are


  • distinct subsets in the population defined by a stratification variable
  • all the elements in a population that can be individually identified
  • all the elements in a sampling frame

3. Opinion polls attempt to measure public opinion. Poll results can accurately reflect the attitudes in the population if


  • the sample is large enough and based on self-selection
  • the poll is based on probability sampling
  • the sample is large enough and consists of volunteer respondents

4. Systematic sampling may be used instead of simple random sampling if


  • the sample size is large
  • we are unaware of a pattern in the list of elements
  • the list of elements is ordered randomly

5. The loss in precision is usually far outweighed by the reduced cost. This applies to


  • stratified sampling
  • random sampling
  • cluster sampling

6. A researcher approaches the first visitor entering a mall and asks if he or she is willing to participate in a study on aging and depression. He approaches the next visitor, followed by the next, and so on. This is


  • convenience sampling
  • quota sampling
  • purposive sampling

7. As the size of a random sample increases, the amount of sampling error


  • remains the same
  • decreases
  • increases

8. Using the same sample frame, a random sample of 500 voters were interviewed by telephone and a second random sample of 500 voters answered the same set of questions by filling out a web survey. A systematic difference in polls results can be due to


  • an incomplete or inaccurate sampling frame
  • differences in non-sampling error between the two samples
  • the amount of sampling error between the two samples

9. To decide the optimal sample size, one needs to consider


  • the variability in the population
  • the variability in the population and the margin of error that one is willing to accept
  • the size of the population



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Sampling – Writing assignment (Evaluative)


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