1. Select the component which is NOT part of Selenium suite.

A. Selenium IDE 

B. Selenium RC 

C. SeleniumGrid 

D. Selenium Web 

Ans: D


2. Select the language which is NOT supported by the Selenium RC.


B. Java 

C. C# 


Ans: A


3. Select the name which is NOT the type of the locaters.

A. ID 

B. Name 

C. Password 

D. Link Text 

Ans: C


4. Is Web Driver a component of the Selenium?

A. No 

B. Yes 

Ans: B


5. Selenium IDE stands for

A. Selenium Intialization Development Environment 

B. Selenium Interrelated Development Environment 

C. Selenium Integrated Development Environment 

D. Selenium Information Development Environment 

Ans: C


6. Select the Browser which is supported by Selenium IDE

A. Google chrome 

B. Opera mini 

C. Mozilla Firefox 

D. Internet Explorer 

Ans: C


7. Select the operating system which is NOT supported by Selenium IDE.

A. Unix 

B. Linux 

C. Windows 

D. Solaris 

Ans: A


8. The Web driver is used

A. To execute tests on the HtmlUnit browser. 

B. To design a test using Selenese 

C. To quickly create tests 

D. To test a web application against Firefox only. 

Ans: A


9. The Selenium IDE is used

A. To create customized test results. 

B. To deploy your tests across multiple environments using Selenium Grid 

C. To test with HTMLUnit 

D. To test a web application against Firefox only. 

Ans: D


10. The Selenium RC is used

A. To run your test against different browsers (except HtmlUnit) on different operating systems. 

B. To create tests with little or no prior knowledge in programming. 

C. To test a web application against Firefox only. 

D. To run a huge test suite, that can be executed on multiple machines. 

Ans: A


11. Out of the following which can only test web applications


B. Selenium 

Ans: B


12. Select the command which is NOT a type of assertion in Selenium IDE.

A. Assert 

B. Verify 

C. WaitFor 

D. Wait 

Ans: D


13. Select the method which selects the option at the given index.

A. selectByIndex() 

B. selectIndex() 

C. selectedByIndex() 

D. selectByIndexes() 

Ans: A


14. The Selenium can

A. access controls within the desktop 

B. both web and desktop applications 

C. only test web applications 

Ans: C


15. The Selenium

A. Provides professional customer support 

B. Test Reports are generated automatically 

C. Comes with a built-in object repository 

D. Cannot access elements outside of the web application under test 

Ans: D


16. Can Google chrome be supported by Selenium IDE?

A. Yes 

B. No 

Ans: B


17. Can Unix operating system be supported by Selenium IDE?

A. No 

B. Yes 

Ans: A


18. Which command can be used to enter values onto text boxes?

A. sendsKeys() 

B. sendKey() 

C. sendKeys 

D. sendKeys() 

Ans: D


19. Select the language which is supported by The Selenium Web Driver

A. Perl 

B. Sql 


D. Cobol 

Ans: A


20. Which Selenium component supports All Operating System?

A. Selenium Generator 

B. Selenium IDE 

C. Selenium WebDriver 

Ans: C


21. Select the command in Selenium IDE used to open a page using the URL.

A. OpenRecord 

B. Open 

C. OpenText 

D. OpenTable 

Ans: B


22. In case of Selenium IDE, the Source view shows your script in

A. DHTML format 

B. J2EE format 

C. XML format 

D. HTML format. 

Ans: C


23. The Actions commands

A. are commands that directly interact with page elements. 

B. are commands that allow you to store values to a variable. 

C. are commands that verify if a certain condition is met. 

Ans: A


24. Select the command which is used to check the presence of a certain element.

A. verifyTable 

B. verifyTitlePresent 

C. verifyTextPresent 

D. verifyElementPresent 

Ans: D


25. Select the command which is used to print a string value or a variable in Selenium IDE.

A. The 'display' command 

B. The 'echo' command 

C. The 'print' command 

D. The 'printr' command 

Ans: B


26. Which component of Selenium can create customized test results.

A. Web driver 

B. Selenium RC 

C. Selenium IDE 

D. Selenium Grid 

Ans: A


27. Select the command which is used to compare the contents of a table with expected values.

A. verifyTables 

B. verifyTableData 

C. verifyTable 

D. verifyTableCell 

Ans: C


28. Select the command which is used to pause execution until the specified element becomes present.

A. waitForElementPresent 

B. waitForPagePresent 

C. waitForTablePresent 

D. waitForFieldPresent 

Ans: A


29. Select the command that will NOT wait for a new page to load before moving onto the next command.

A. clickAndWait 

B. selectAndType 

C. typeAndWait 

D. selectAndWait 

Ans: B


30. Select the command which is used to pause execution until the page is loaded completely.

A. waitForPageToLoad 

B. waitForElementPresent 

C. waitForPage 

D. waitForLoad 

Ans: A


31. Select the syntax to locate an element using inner text.

A. css=tag:contains(“inner text”) 

B. css=tag:value(“inner text”) 

C. css=tag:attributes(“inner text”) 

D. css=tag:class(“inner text”) 

Ans: A


32. Select the command which is used to compare the actual page title with an expected value.

A. verifyTitle 

B. verifiedTitle 

C. verifyTitles 

D. verifiedTitles 

Ans: A


33. Select the command which is NOT used in verifying page elements .

A. verifyElementPresent 

B. verifyElementRight 

C. verifyElementNotPresent 

D. verifyElementPositionLeft 

Ans: B


34. Select the tab which gives feedback and other useful information when executing tests.

A. Information 

B. Feedback 

C. Reference 

D. Element 

Ans: C


35. What is TestNG?

A. TestNextGeneration 

B. TestNewGenerlization 

C. TestNewGeneration 

D. TestNextGenerations 

Ans: A


36. Select the variation which finds elements based on the driver’s underlying CSS selector engine in Web driver Selenium.

A. By.cssSelected 

B. By.cssSelection 

C. By.cssSelector 

D. By.Selectcs 

Ans: C


37. Select the variation which locates elements by the value of the “name” attribute in Web driver Selenium

A. By.name 

B. By.nametag 

C. By.tagname 

D. By.nametags 

Ans: A


38. Select the tab that shows which command Selenium IDE is currently executing.

A. Variable 

B. Data 

C. Information 

D. Info 

Ans: D


39. Which is a faster component between the SeleniumWeb driver and Selenium RC?

A. Selenium RC 

B. Selenium Web driver 

Ans: B


40. Select the variation which locates elements by the value of their “id” attribute in Web Driver Selenium

A. By.id 

B. By.idno 

C. By.id_no 

D. By.tag_id 

Ans: A


41. Select the Get command which fetches the inner text of the element that you specify in Web driver Selenium.

A. getinnerText() 

B. get_in_Text() 

C. get_inner_Text() 

D. getText() 

Ans: D


42. Which Navigate command takes you forward by one page on the browser’s history in Web driver Selenium.

A. navigate.forward() 

B. navigate().forward() 

C. navigate()_forward() 

D. navigate_forword() 

Ans: B


43. Which method is used when you want to verify whether a certain check box, radio button, or option in a drop-down box is selected in Web driver Selenium

A. is_Selected() 

B. isSelect() 

C. isSelected() 

D. is_Select() 

Ans: C


44. Which Component is used to run multiple tests simultaneously in different browsers and platforms?

A. Selenium Grid 

B. Selenium IDE 

C. Selenium RC 

D. Selenium Webdriver 

Ans: A


45. Select the View which shows your script in HTML format.

A. The Table View 

B. The Source View 

C. The Editor View 

D. The Field View 

Ans: B


46. Select the method which clears all selected entries in Web driver Selenium.

A. dselectAll() 

B. deselect_All() 

C. dselect_All() 

D. deselectAll() 

Ans: D


47. Method which selects the option which displays the text matching the parameter passed to it

A. selectVisibleText() 

B. selectByVisibleText() 

C. select_VisibleText() 

D. select_ByVisibleText() 

Ans: B


48. Out of the following which is NOT a wait command.

A. waitForTitle 

B. waitForTextPresent 

C. waitForActive 

D. waitForAlert 

Ans: C


49. Select the command which retrieves the alert message and stores it in a variable that you will specify.

A. storeAlert 

B. storedAlert 

C. store_Alert 

D. storesAlert 

Ans: A


50. Select the method which performs a context-click at the current mouse location.

A. click_Context() 

B. context.Click() 

C. contextClick() 

D. context_Click()

Ans: C


51. The test language usually used in Selenium is ________________.


B. Python

C. JavaScript

D. None of the above

Ans: C


52. The term AJAX expands to ________.

A. Asynchronous Java and XML

B. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

C. Accumulated Java and XML

D. None of the above

Ans: B


53. The term JSON refers to ______________.

A. JavaScript Object Notation

B. Java Object Notation

C. Java Object Naming

D. None of the above

Ans: A


54. Selenium tests _____________.

A. DOS applications

B. Browser-based applications

C. GUI applications

D. None of the above

Ans: B


55. Selenium variables are stored in _____________.

A. storedVars

B. storedVariables

C. VariablesStore

D. None of the above

Ans: A


56. Which selenium command check whether specific text exists somewhere on the page ?

A. verifyTextPresent

B. verifyTextPresent

C. CheckTextPresent

D. VerifyPresentText

Ans: A


57. What does the term CSS refers to ?

A. Cascade Style Sheets

B. Cascading Style Sheets

C. Clear Style Sheets

D. Catering Style Sheets

Ans: B


58. What is Selenium IDE ?

A. Windows Software

B. Firefox Plug-in

C. Java Software

D. Flash Plug-in

Ans: B


59. What is called that scale for large test suites or test suites that must be run in multiple environments?

A. Selenium-Grid

B. Selenium RC

C. Selenium Web driver

D. Selenium NG

Ans: A


60. Where is XPath used in ?

A. XML documents

B. MS-Word documents

C. MS-Excel documents

D. MS-PowerPoint documents

Ans: A


61. What does the term DOM refers to ?

A. Dynamic Object Model

B. Document Object Model

C. Data Object Model

D. Document Flow Object Model

Ans: B


62. What does the term regex expands to ?

A. Registered Expression

B. Regular Expression

C. Regression Expression

D. Regional Expression

Ans: B


63. Which label is used as prefix pattern to specify a globbing pattern parameter for a Selenese command ?

A. pattern

B. glob

C. regex

D. None

Ans: B


64. What is a test suite made of ?

A. Test packs

B. Tests

C. Test blocks

D. Test pattern

Ans: B


65. What does the assertTitle checks ?

A. Element title

B. Page title

C. Block title

D. Title of element under focus

Ans: B