Solar Energy Basics Coursera Week 4 Quiz

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week- 4

Infrastructure of PV <MATH>


1. Safety and oversight of materials produced in the photovoltaics industry is a primary concern of:

2. Standards organizations involved in the safety of photovoltaic equipment include:

3. Net metering is evaluated on a(n) __ basis to determine the electric bill.

4. Your business leases a satellite location where a photovoltaic system is installed. The electricity is used in your office building 20 miles from the satellite location. When the photovoltaic system produces excess electricity, it offsets the electric bill of your office location. This is an example of:

5. An arrangement in which an agreement is made between a utility and a user that allows the user to sell back their electricity to a utility for a higher price than retail is an example of

6. The largest PV certification group in North America is

7. Which PV related certification is available only for licensed electricians?

8. The NABCEP Associate Program offers exams in:

9. Prerequisites required in order to take the NABCEP certification exam include:

10. What types of organizations are involved in research related to photovoltaics?

11. Which of the following jobs related photovoltaics are in the top 3 most difficult for employers to fill?

12. As a homeowner, in which of the following PV financial models is it impossible to ever make a profit?

13. Which financial model for PV has been used to encourage early adoption of the technology through a long term contract to buy the electricity from system owners at an incentivized rate?

14. SEIA, the Solar Energy Industries Association promotes the solar industry and advocates on behalf of the industry. They are an example of what type of stakeholder in the PV field?

Standards Organization
Research Institution
Trade organization

15. You’re designing a PV system for a homeowner in a state that allows production of up to 110% of the total annual energy usage in a net metering financial model. A homeowner wants a system installed that will produce the maximum amount allowed each year. If the annual energy usage is 8500 kWh, and the average solar energy is 4.5 kWh/m²/day, what size system would need to be installed if the efficiency for the system is 85%?




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