1.  Motivation involves: | Store Keeper Mcqs

A.  driving motorized vehicles around the Store.

B.  making stores staff work hard for long periods without rest.

C.  encouraging stores staff to work well and willingly.

D.  telling stores staff what to do and when to do it.

Ans: C


2.  Internal recruitment is the process of | Store Keeper Mcqs

A. Make sure stores staff stay in the Store the whole working day.

B. Ensure the Store is clean and tidy at all times.

C.  filling a store's post from sources outside the enterprise.

D.  filling a store's post with somebody already working in the enterprise.

Ans: D

3.  Induction is the process of | Store Keeper Mcqs

A.  inducing stores staff to work hard for long hours.

B.  introducing new stores staff to the work environment.

C.  introducing customers to new stores staff.

D.  introducing new rules and regulations for stores staff.

Ans: B

4. Adequate training of stores personnel is essential to | Store Keeper Mcqs

A.  avoid accidents in the Stores and the deterioration of stock.

B.  ensure they can drive vehicles quickly around the Store.

C.  help them find their way to work quickly each morning.

D.  encourage them to become fit and strong and work hard.

Ans: A


5. Stores personnel recruited must be honest because: | Store Keeper Mcqs

A.  they will be handling a great deal of cash.

B.  they need to be able to work without constant supervision.

C.  they will be entrusted with the care of items worth much money.

D.  they should take home from the Store only what they really need.

Ans: C


6.  An important aspect of stock control involves: | Store Keeper Mcqs

A.  finding one’s way around the Stores Department.

B.  looking after cattle on a ranch or farm.

C.  ensuring the right items are always available when needed.

D.  counting the number of staff working in the Store.

Ans: C

7. Stores and Sales Departments must work in co-operation to ensure: | Store Keeper Mcqs

A.  that the staff of the two departments does not become confused.

B.  that Stores does not hold stocks of items which cannot be sold.

C.  that customers know which department to order from.

D.  that they are not dominated by the Production Department.

Ans: B


8. The Stores Department is said to be “nonproductive” because: | Store Keeper Mcqs

A.  its staff are lazy and do very little work.

B.  it is of no value to the enterprise of which it forms part.

C.  its manager does not produce reports required by top management.

D.  it is not directly involved in revenue-earning activities.

Ans: D

9. The essential function of a Stores Department is to provide: | Store Keeper Mcqs

A.  an efficient service to all other departments of an enterprise.

B.  a retail outlet from which to sell goods to consumers.

C.  a reason to employ additional staff.

D.  a place in which to house unwanted items.

Ans: A


10. Efficient stores management is vital to ensure that: | Store Keeper Mcqs

A.  good production and/or sales and profits are maintained.

B.  delays in issuing materials will slow down production.

C.  fewer items will be issued and used, so money will be saved.

D.  customers will not need to return for further supplies.

Ans: A