1.Which of the following dvPort binding types have been removed in vSphere 5? | Vmware Mcqs

A. Dynamic Binding

B. Ephemeral Binding

C. Static Binding

Ans: A


2.Your boss has asked you to setup 4 ESXi hosts to evaluate the new vSphere 5 release, which is the recommended install method to use in this situation? | Vmware Mcqs

A. Interactive Installation

B. Scripted Installation

C. vSphere Auto Deploy Installation

D. Upgrade via VMware Update Manager

Ans: A


3.Your colleague has accidentally allocated more vRAM than your company are licensed for. What will happen to your virtual machines? | Vmware Mcqs

A. All VM's will be Powered Off

B. New VM's can not be Powered On

C. VMware will be notified

D. Nothing will happen

Ans: B


4.In an HA cluster after an initial election process, host are either: | Vmware Mcqs

A. Primary or Secondary

B. Master or Slave

C. King or Queen

D. Live or Standby

Ans: B


5.To get the maximum performance benefits of vNUMA it is recommended to: | Vmware Mcqs

A. Make sure your clusters are composed entirely of hosts with matching NUMA architecture.

B. Only use single vCPU virtual machines

C. Enable EVC on your clusters

D. Disable Hyper-Threading

Ans: A


6.What is the name of the globally unique identifier assigned to each Fibre Channel Port? | Vmware Mcqs

A. IP Address

B. MAC Address (Mac)

C. World Wide Name (WWN)

D. Port_ID

Ans: C


7.It is possible to Storage vMotion virtual machines that have snapshots? | Vmware Mcqs

A. True

B. False

Ans: A


8.What are the 4 VM Restart Priority options available on an HA Cluster? | Vmware Mcqs

A. Disabled, Low, Medium, High

B. Enabled, Small, Medium, Large

C. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

D. Priority, 2nd Tier, 3rd Tier, Best Effort

Ans: A


9.A memory reservation defines: | Vmware Mcqs

A. the amount of virtual machine memory that can be paged to the VMkernel swapfile

B. the amount of physical memory that is guaranteed to the VM

C. the maximum amount of physical memory that will be used by a VM

D. the amount of host memory reserved for the VMkernel

Ans: D


10.Which of the following installation methods installs the ESXi image directly into the Host memory? | Vmware Mcqs

A. Interactive ESXi Installation

B. Scripted ESXi Installation

C. vSphere Auto Deploy ESXi Installation Option

D. Upgrade via VMware Update Manager

Ans: D


11.VMFS-5 upgraded from VMFS-3 continues to use the previous file block size which may be larger than the unified 1MB file block size. | Vmware Mcqs

A. True

B. False

Ans: A


12.Which of the following formulas defines the amount of virtual machine memory that will always be composed of disk pages? | Vmware Mcqs

A. Memory allocated -(minus) memory limit

B. Memory limit -(minus) memory reservation

C. Memory limit -(minus) memory available

D. Memory allocated -(minus) memory available

Ans: D


13.The upgrade procedure from VMFS-3 to VMFS-5 will require downtime of that datastore? | Vmware Mcqs

A. False

B. True

Ans: A


14.Which of the following actions would be LEAST likely to reduce resource contention? | Vmware Mcqs

A. Powering off a VM

B. Enabling Swap-To-Cache

C. Disable transparent memory page sharing

D. Enabling vNUMA

Ans: C


15.When is vNUMA enable by default on a virtual machines? | Vmware Mcqs

A. When a virtual machine has more than 8 vCPU's

B. When the guestOS is configured using an SMP HAL

C. All the time

D. vNUMA is never enabled by default

Ans: A


16.Which new feature of vSphere 5 is used to collect host core dumps? | Vmware Mcqs

A. vMA 5.0

B. ESXi Dump Collector

C. ESXi Syslog Collector

D. VMware vDR 2.0

Ans: B


17.After an upgrade from ESX4.X to ESXi5.0 you notice that when you run the following command via the vMA: "esxcfg-vswif -l" you notice that their are no configure vswif interfaces listed. Why would this be? | Vmware Mcqs

A. The Service Console is no longer available with vSphere 5. All vswif interfaces are removed during the upgrade.

B. During the upgrade process all vswif interfaces are migrated to vmk interfaces.

C. During the upgrade process, vswif interfaces are disable by default, they'll need to be enable before they will be listed.

D. The wrong command is being used. "vicfg-vswif -l" is the correct command to display all vswif interfaces.

Ans: B


18.How has vMotion been improved in vSphere 5? | Vmware Mcqs

A. Multiple vMotion vmknics, allowing for more and faster vMotion operations

B. Long distance vMotion, allowing for vMotions over a large geographical area

C. Multi-platform vMotion, allowing for vMotions between vSphere and Hyper-V platforms

D. Storage vMotion, allowing for virtual machines storage to be moved between datastores

Ans: D


19.What are the Automation Levels on a DRS Cluster? | Vmware Mcqs

A. Manual, Partially Automatic, Fully Automatic

B. Manual, Partially Automated, Fully Automated

C. Manual, Semi Automated, Fully Automatic

D. Manual, Semi Automatic, Automatic

Ans: D


20.What are the two iSCSI discovery methods that are supported by an ESXi host? | Vmware Mcqs

A. Static Targets, Dynamic Targets

B. Static Discovery, SendTargets

C. Static Discovery, FindTargets

D. Dynamic Discovery, FindTargets

Ans: A


21.After an upgrade from ESX4.X to ESXi5.0 you notice that your Port Group named "Service Console" is missing. Where has it gone?

A. Because ESXi 5.0 has no Service Console, upgrading from ESX 4.x to ESXi 5.0 removes the Service Console port group.

B. During the upgrade all Port Groups are removed. The Service Console Port Group will need to be recreated.

C. During the upgrade all Port Groups are moved to Distributed Switches.

D. During the upgrade all Port Groups are moved to Standard Switches.

Ans: A


22.You have been asked to provide high availability for your vCenter server. Which product would you use to help achieve this?

A. Fault-Tolerance

B. vCenter Linked-Mode

C. vCenter Heartbeat

D. Microsoft Clustering Services

Ans: C


23.VMware vSphere can be evaluated prior to purchase. What is the maximum number of days the evaluation can be used before a license must be purchased?

A. 30 Days

B. 60 Days

C. 90 Days

D. 120 Days

Ans: B


24.Which feature of vSphere 5 can be used to increase network throughput to virtual machines?

A. SplitRX


C. VMDirectpath I/O


Ans: A


25.Which feature of vSphere 5 can be used to reduce virtual machine memory overhead?

A. VMX Swap

B. SplitRX

C. Swap to Host

D. Memory Reservations

Ans: A


26.By default, where do hosts deployed with VMware Auto Deploy store logs?

A. In Memory

B. First mounted LUN

C. Local disk

D. vMA

Ans: A


27.Which new feature of vSphere 5 is used to create ESXi installation images with a customized set of updates, patches, and drivers?

A. Image Builder

B. Host Profiles

C. Auto Deploy

D. Esxcli

Ans: D


28.Which of the following is not a new feature made available with vSphere 5?


B. vDR


D. vSphere Web Client

Ans: B


29.What protocol is used by an ESXi host to communicate with NAS devices?





Ans: B


30.After an upgrade from ESX/ESXi 4.1 to ESXi 5.0, your monitoring department are reporting that they have stopped receiving Syslog data from all of the ESXi hosts. What could be the problem?

A. Custom ports that were opened by using the ESX/ESXi 4.1 esxcfg-firewall command do not remain open after the upgrade to ESXi 5.0.

B. Custom ports that were opened by using the ESX/ESXi 4.1 esxcfg-firewall command do not do not get copied during the upgrade to ESXi 5.0.

C. Tech Support Mode is disable by default after an upgrade to ESXi 5.0 stopping all traffic on all ports

D. ESXi 5.0 cannot send logs to Syslog servers.

Ans: D


31.The default security policy on a Port Group is:

A. Reject, Accept, Accept

B. Reject, Reject, Reject

C. Accept, Accept, Accept

D. Reject, Reject, Accept

Ans: A



32.When deploying hosts with VMware Auto Deploy, which is the recommended method to configure ESXi once it has been installed?

A. Host Profiles

B. PowerCLI

C. Manually

D. via Direct Console

Ans: A


33.What is an HA Slot?

A. A slot is a logical representation of the memory and CPU resources that satisfy the requirements for any powered-on virtual machine in the cluster.

B. A slot is a given to each Host in an HA Cluster, there is a maximum of 32 in an HA Cluster

C. A slot is given to each Virtual Machine, this determines the restart priority.

D. A slot has nothing to do with HA, it's how DRS calculates which Virtual Machine should be placed where.

Ans: A


34.Which new version of VMFS is introduced by vSphere 5?





Ans: C


35.ESXi 5.0 supports only LAHF and SAHF CPU instructions?

A. True

B. False

Ans: A


36.Which of the following is no longer available with vSphere 5?


B. vCenter

C. vSphere Client

D. PowerCLI

Ans: D


37.Which if the following is not a supported location for a host diagnostic partition?

A. Shared local storage

B. Private local storage

C. Private SAN storage

D. Shared SAN storage

Ans: A


38.Which of the following actions is not available via the Direct Console?

A. Shutdown host

B. Enter host into Maintenance Mode

C. View host logs

D. Configure host DNS

Ans: B


39.Which vSphere feature provides dynamic allocation of storage capacity?

A. vStorage APIs / VCB

B. Thinapp


D. vStorage Thin Provisioning

Ans: C




40.To improve security which new feature has been added to ESXi?

A. Firewall

B. Local Mode

C. Anti-Virus

D. vShield

Ans: A


41.What the packaging format used by the VMware ESXi Image Builder?

A. .rar

B. .zip

C. .iso


Ans: C


42.What are the three default roles provided on an ESXi host?

A. No Access, Read Only and Administrator

B. Read only, Operator Access and Administrator

C. Virtual Machine User, Virtual Machine Power User and Administrator

D. Network Consumer, Datastore Consumer and Resource Pool Administrator

Ans: A


43.Which of the following is a requirement for vCenter?

A. A Static IP address

B. A DHCP IP address

C. A valid (internal) domain name system (DNS) registration.

Ans: C



44.Which two users are assigned the Administrator role at the ESX Server level by default?

A. root, administrator

B. root, vpxuser

C. root, vpxa

D. root, hostd

Ans: B


45.After an upgrade from ESXi4.0 to ESXi5.0 you are unable to putty to your hosts. What could have caused this?

A. SSH configuration is not migrated for ESX 4.x hosts or ESXi 4.0 hosts. For these hosts, SSH access is disabled during the upgrade or migration process

B. SSH is not available with ESXi 5.0, it is only available with ESX 5.0.

C. SSH is always disabled after an upgrade or clean installation.

D. The SSH port in ESXi 5.0 has changed to 443 for added security.

Ans: A


46.What are the three Host Isolation Response options available on an HA Cluster?

A. Shut down, Power off, Leave powered on

B. Shut down, Power off, Leave powered off

C. Shut down, Restart, Leave powered on

D. Shut down, Restart, power on

Ans: B


47.You boss has asked you deploy 40 ESXi hosts as quickly as possible, which is the recommended install method to use in this situation?

A. Interactive Installation

B. Scripted Installation

C. VMware Auto Deploy Installation

D. Upgrade via VMware Update Manager

Ans: D



48.Distributed Power Management (DPM) requires which technology to be available on the NIC?

A. Wake On LAN (WOL)




Ans: A


49.The organisation you work for is currently running vSphere 4.1 U1. Your team have just created a new Test/Dev environment based on vSphere 5. The VM management team have asked if you could combine the current 4.1 U1 environment and 5.0 vCenters with Linked-Mode. What is the correct response to the VM management team?

A. vCenter 4.1 and vCenter cannot be joined with Linked-Mode

B. Additional licensing is required to use Linked-Mode

C. Only vCenter Administrators can use Linked-Mode

D. No problem

Ans: D



50.Which of the following is not a benefit of VMware Auto Deploy?

A. Decouples the VMware ESXi host from the physical server and eliminates the boot disk

B. Eliminates configuration drift

C. Simplifies patching and updating

D. Accelerates deployment of virtual machines

Ans: D