Beryllium has a wide range of uses from electronics to Nuclear applications. The followings are some of the uses of Beryllium.

Because of its non-magnetic property, it is used by naval or military explosive ordnance disposal teams for removing naval mines. These mines mostly have magnetic fuses. Beryllium has been proven very good in mirror production. The optics of the Spitzer Space Telescope are built of Beryllium.

The James Webb Space Telescope will have beryllium mirrors which are planned to succeed the Hubble space telescope.

It has a wide range of uses in Nuclear weapon designs as well as in heavy water reactors as filler material.

Beryllium-Copper alloy with a 2.0 % beryllium is stronger than copper which is used in different tools making like wrench etc.

The rocket nozzles of the liquid-fuel rocket are made of pure beryllium.

 Beryllium-aluminium-alloy pistons are used by some sports companies for high performance.

Beryllium has a lot of uses because of its lightweight and non-magnetic properties etc. It is used in spacecraft, satellite, guided-missiles, and the defense industry.

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What is beryllium?

It is a chemical element that is represented with the symbol ''Be''.  It was discovered by a French chemist Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin. It has the atomic number (symbol Z) 4. It has an atomic mass of 9.012 amu. It has 5 neutrons, and 4 protons in the nucleus. While it has 4 electrons. The electronic configuration is 1s2, 2s2. In the periodic table, it is in the S-block, group 2, and period 2. The electronegativity of beryllium is 1.57. It has a white-gray metallic color.