Ruthenium is a chemical element and it has a silvery-white metallic colour.


Which element is placed in the same period as ruthenium but has a higher atomic number than it?

Ruthenium is in group 8 and period 5. This period has 18 elements which begin with rubidium and ends with Xenon. Elements that are placed in the same period as Ruthenium and has a higher atomic number are Rhodium which has an atomic number 45. Palladium 46, Silver 47 and so on up to Xenon which atomic number is 54.

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What is ruthenium used for?

Its applications are in electronics. Electrochemistry and catalysis.

Ruthenium is used in electrical contacts.

Its addition to titanium alloys increases its corrosive resistance.

Ruthenium dioxide is used in thin-film chip resistors along with lead and bismuth.

Fountain pen nibs are tipped with ruthenium alloy.

Ruthenium red is used in the biological staining of molecules like nucleic acids and pectin.