Sulfur is the fifth most common element by mass on Earth. It could be found near volcanic regions and hot springs. These volcanic deposits can be found in different parts of the world. such as Indonesia, Japan and Chile. Naturally, Sulfur is found in compounds, such as calcium sulfate, potassium aluminium sulfate, mercury sulfide, zinc sulfide and iron sulfide etc.


How many neutrons does sulfur have?

Sulfur has 16 neutrons. There are 23 isotopes of sulfur in which four of them are stable isotopes the remaining are radioisotopes. Sulfur-32 has an abundance of 94.99% and has 16 neutrons. Sulfur-33 has 0.75% abundance and 17 neutrons. While sulfur-34 has 18 neutrons and 4.25% abundance. Sulfur-36 has 20 neutrons and 0.01% abundance. These four are stable isotopes.

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What is sulfur used for?

Sulfur has a wide range of uses. Some of them are the following.

It is used in the production of Sulfuric acid.

It is an essential element for the production of some amino acids like methionine and cysteine etc.

Octasulfur is used in skin pharmaceuticals.

It is used in the production of rayon and cellophane.

sulfur is in the vulcanization of rubber to make it hard.

sodium lauryl sulfate is used in surfactants and detergents.

sulfur is used in low-grade gun powder.

It is also used as a bactericide for food preservation and winemaking.

It is used in agrochemicals as pesticide and fungicide.