What Are Expected Positive Effects Of Amazon On Online Shopping In Pakistan, Its Exports, And Virtual Assistants Industry?


The stores for online shopping in Pakistan have a new competitor, the global e-commerce giant Amazon. Now Pakistani entrepreneurs can sell on Amazon. Amazon has recently announced that they are eager to work with the dynamic business community of Pakistan that includes small and medium-sized sellers. In this way, these sellers will connect with global customers.


Amazon — A Global E-Commerce Platform


Amazon is an outperforming e-commerce platform. It has a global reach.

According to the latest reports and data, Amazon Marketplace is operating and selling in 18 countries. This list consists of advanced economies of Europe, Japan, and North America. And emerging markets like Brazil, China, India, Arab Gulf states, and Turkey are also on this list.

There are millions of sellers from over 100 countries on Amazon Marketplace. India is a neighboring country of Pakistan. It has over 7000 Amazon-listed sellers. These sellers have exported goods worth over $3 billion since 2015. These figures reflect that Pakistani sellers will have to do a lot of hard work to grow and compete on Amazon. But there is no doubt that the platform offers great potential for the manufacturers and merchants of Pakistan to expand their sales.


What Are Prerequisites For Exporters Of Pakistan To Succeed On Amazon?


If the exporters of Pakistan want to succeed on Amazon Marketplace, they need to select and learn a lot about their target countries/markets and customer choices. They will have to produce, create or pick products of high demand in their target markets.

Initially, Pakistani exporters will have to establish an inventory of fast-selling products at Amazon warehouses in the United States. They will have to use F.B.A. (Fulfillment by Amazon) service. In this way, they will be able to provide quick delivery to Amazon Prime customers.

Customer satisfaction and positive online reviews have great importance on Amazon. Pakistan exporters will also have to guarantee the quality if they want to reap the fruits from Amazon Marketplace.

The people of Pakistan must be glad on this occasion of having the legal opportunity of becoming sellers on a global e-commerce platform. But at the same time, they must remember that a lot more investment, attention, and hard work is required to accomplish its full potential.


Amazon And Virtual Assistants Of Pakistan


Another source for foreign remittance is the services of freelancers and virtual assistants of Pakistan, who have gained expertise in running and maintaining Amazon Stores. As we know, many Pakistani merchants are selling products on Amazon Marketplace. They are registered mainly from the USA or UK by using their references in these countries. These virtual assistants have been supporting not only Pakistani merchants but also the merchants of other countries. These freelancers provide services for web development, store building, fulfillment, administrative tasks, and customer call centers.

Now when Amazon has entered Pakistan, there are high chances that the industry of virtual assistants will also flourish, and new job opportunities will transpire in Pakistan.


The Positive Impacts Of Amazon On Online Shopping In Pakistan


There is no doubt that Amazon is the most trustworthy platform for online shopping on the globe. It has excellent terms & conditions and other policies that build the confidence of consumers in online shopping.

With its arrival, there are high chances that online shopping in Pakistan will not only prosper, but it will get more refined, productive, trustworthy, and successful. The websites and stores for online shopping in Pakistan must positively avail this chance. They can learn a lot from the success story of Amazon. They will have to improve their product quality, customer service, policies for return and exchange, and will also have to make their prices more competitive.




New job opportunities will take place with the arrival of Amazon in Pakistan. Small and big business owners will also reap its fruits. There are high chances that the E-commerce sector in Pakistan will also grow by leaps and bounds. It is an excellent opportunity for the youth of Pakistan, SME businesses, and female entrepreneurs. 

The arrival of Amazon in Pakistan is a marvelous milestone for the E-commerce industry. Online shopping in Pakistan will touch new horizons.


Amazon has positively affected the global markets, and we are pretty confident about the same in Pakistan.