Dubai has now emerged together as one of the foremost popular financial centers within the world. thanks to the increasing number of complex operations, it's become essential to make sure that the standard of monetary products and services is maintained.



Among many other accountancy firms in Dubai, Virtual Accountants LLC includes highly skilled and professional team players who complete their tasks with full commitment and independence. The firm deals with an outsized number of clients at both domestic and international levels. so as to supply the simplest services to its client, human capital consists of highly qualified people from around the world.




Unlike other accountancy firms in Dubai, Virtual Accountants LLC firm offers a good range of services to its clients with strict adherence to satisfy deadlines with no compromise over quality. a number of the important services include:


Internal audit, review, and assurance services.Audit of areas including operations, IT, tax, stock, management.Regulatory compliance.Taxation and arbitrage services.HR and financial consulting services.Establishment of business setups like Private limited companies, joint ventures, etc.

Professional Hallmarks:


Virtual Accountants LLC has achieved some remarkable achievements as mentioned below:

The company has undertaken some main assignments, external audit and mergers consulting assignments for both local and global renowned organizations doing business in Dubai.

The firm has qualified and dedicated staff with many offices everywhere in Dubai.


It is noteworthy that the firm may be a member of 'Accountants and Auditors Association (AAA)', UAE which is aimed toward developing the accounting profession within the UAE.


This firm has also been recognized as a listed arbitrator and skilled auditor of G.C.C Commercial Arbitration Centre.


Where The Difference Lies:


Before any assignment, Virtual Accountants LLC firm prefers to completely understand the character of the business, its requirements, and preferences to supply highly sophisticated results. The auditors of this firm are encouraged to figure during a team by sharing ideas, reporting issues, and discussing observations. The firm ensures to satisfy or exceed the expectations of its clients by using updated technical expertise and providing excellent services. The essential standards of audit and ethical requirements are always considered a big part of the audit with no ignorance.


Accountancy services pertaining to the steps involved within the dissemination of the financial information of any institution to its users like customers, shareholders, and managers; constitute a big part of this firm's services. This information is well presented by the financial statements. a number of the important accountancy services offered by the firm are as under:


Maintenance of books of accounts both manually and thru computers in Dubai and Sharjah. Preparation of monetary statements as per IAS and UAE Companies Law. Analyzing income statements and keeping the record of the overall ledger. Finalizing monthly and yearly closings.


Therefore, Virtual Accountants LLC in Dubai has always focused to satisfy the business requirements of its clients in accordance with the set rules of audit and accounting. it might ultimately help the firm to be among the foremost recognized and highly trusted firms within the UAE.


Accounting service within the United Arab Emirates


Accounting service as a profession has come an extended way within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The profession has constantly endeavored to stay at pace with the ever-growing Business services Dubai needs stemming from the many growths within the economy witnessed over the years.


From being perceived as a peripheral service, the profession has evolved to become pivotal, within the line of services. As a result, the amount of accounting firms providing audit and assurance services has been on the increase over the years. Many international accounting firms have their affiliates within the UAE operating as functionally independent offices but complying with the procedures followed by the principal.


These procedures are generally supported by international standards. As a part of internal control standards, the affiliates are subject to see reviews conducted by their principal on a periodic basis.


Apart from the external audit, many Accounting UAE firms provide assurance services like internal audit Dubai, business valuations, etc. Many medium to large size business organizations outsources their internal audit function to the Accounting Dubai firms so on enjoy values of professional independence.


How to Calculate Gratuity in UAE?

Virtual Accountants LLC is introducing Gratuity calculator in UAE. everyone easily calculates his/her gratuity (end-of-services), you just need to enter your basic salary and your services years then the gratuity calculator is shown accurate result it's in contact with government labour law gratuity fund find the formula.