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So, as I know the majority of you have not completed your syllabus but some of you even not have started your studies and there will also be some legends who does not know the syllabus and date sheet of your subjects and exams respectively.


1. Stop going to school if you are studying online or coaching it will save you a lot of time.


2. Delete all your unnecessary social media platform apps from your Smartphone.


3.Delete all games from your Smartphone or disable your account for a period of time.


4. Prepare a code of conduct for all necessary and unnecessary tasks and follow it strictly.


5. Focus to complete your syllabus fast as you can and keep revising your completed lessons because many times we forget old chapter while learning new chapters. To avoid this solve sample question papers or previous years papers.


6. Block your time according to chapters not from pretending to study perspective.


7. Try to concentrate on your studies and don't take too light or too heavy because even you fail in scoring good marks you will get a second chance also.


 8. Promise yourself a reward if you achieve the desired goal and also fulfill it by yourself or with help of your guardians.


 9. Avoid talking and thinking about the opposite gender maintain a certain distance with your crush or with your girlfriend. It will help you to avoid living in the imagination of your companion.


 10. Maintain a distance with Smartphone and avoid time-consuming social gatherings yet exception in death anniversaries of relatives.


 11. Hault all your hobby-based tasks or passion-based activities until or unless it is related to your studies and avoid out of syllabus activities for example reading the newspaper, listening radio, watching television.


 12. Half knowledge is dangerous if there was negative marking in your exams.


 13. Do not stop studying after exams keep on studying the subject in which you have the doubt that you may be not able to clear it.



 14. Try to cover the section and topics that will be consisted of a majority of marks for instance just assume the theory is of 71% marks on the other hand practical is of 29% marks.


 15. Don't sit freely even in poop recall all the topics which you have studied last night or last hour.


 16. Get out of your comfort zone and imagination zone just accept the ground reality of yourself because "You are the easiest person to fool" sleep less and sleep late if you are serious



 17. Don't give any test or exam until you do not fully understand or learn the topic because it will just waste your priceless time.


 18. Weekly prepare a test for the topics you have learned and give it honestly to evaluate your knowledge about concepts.