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Today I am going to teach you how to get a Grammarly premium account through the cookies method.

So let's take a start,

  1. First of all, make sure that you have downloaded the Extention of  Grammarly for your browser.

If you have not installed don’t worry Download from here Grammarly Extension accordingly to your browser






  1. Then download the Cookies extension for your browser Cookie-Editor (if you have already installed then don’t need to install it again)




(Cookie-Editor is available on Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Firefox for Android)



  1. Now you need to click on the cookies (Given at the end of Page) in sequence, Sometimes our user mistakenly logout from Grammarly account due to which doesn't work that’s why we update the cookies after 24 hours daily.

Note: Out of 6 Cookies at least one Cookie is must working so check all the cookies in sequence


4. Click on the cookies all of them will be selected




  1. Then Copy the code




  1. After copying the code then visit Grammarly or make sure that you are on address.




  1. Click on the Cookies Editor and then click on Delete All




After that, all the cookies will be removed




  1. Then click on the Import