This is the most common question among the middle class and poor class section of the society.



If you have ever tried to get the answer to this question on the internet then you will be probably flooded with lots of courses, seminars, and consultations of so-called financial gurus or marketing gurus. Who just want to sell their costly course bundles to innocent middle and poor sections of society.



So, I have consolidated the post in short without any advertisement or endorsement of any seminar of " finance guru ".


1. Have Some Patience:-  Don't live in contrast that you will achieve within a night. So, be calm and wait for the output of the work you have done and you have to be honest with yourself first because you are the easiest one to fool yourself. 


2. Build Your Base Strong:- By this I don't mean you to study hard and get good marks no. Get skilled, experienced, and expert in your field and learn some extra skills as a hobby instead of wasting time watching web series or reading memes on Instagram. This is a very important factor because in India there very big gap in demand and supply of workers that leads to cutthroat competition. 


3. Get some financial literacy:- Get financially literate at least you can able to read business news and understand the economy of your country. Educate yourself that you can't be sitting blank while discussing financial topics. The biggest blunder that people do they consider themselves as financial experts and start investing and become financial advisors. In India, people who read business news considered rich or overconfident.


4. Build sources of income:- Start your sources of income here I don't advise you to do a part-time job do something from which you get the idea and reality of the real world ( especially for males ). Don't get engaged and get rich scheme and don't get enrolled in any illegal activities to earn money. Learn legitimate sources, not from any internet guru, then earn from those legitimate ways.


5. Learn money management:- Learn money management, start making your budget and create a list of your daily expenses. Don't live only on pocket money start investing it. 



6 . Time Management:- This thing Will make you either too rich or poor. I don't need to explain the value of time. Start making a time schedule and start working on it.


7. Don't Get In Relationship:- The reason is very simple and easy if you can afford a girlfriend or boyfriend their expenses and give them proper time then you can ignore this advice. On this topic, I will write a dedicated post.


8. Career Planning:- Here please take the help of someone who already working in your career-related field and beware of your parents who might behave as a barrier in your goals and you. 


9. Never Stop Learning And Investing:-  This is the big reason that majority of people in India can't able to grow from their current financial status. They learn a lot but don't go practical because of a lack of risk aptitude and money.



10.  Don't get married before reaching your goal:- This step ruined the life of many girls and boys you have to be prepared to face this condition at any step of life if you are a girl.


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